Being a Technical Coach. Part VI


Why bother having a Daily Standup (DSU)?

Every iteration has at least one iteration goal… and it must be S.M.A.R.T. goal… and meaningful goal.

A meaningful conversation about a meaningful goal at a DSU is a good DSU. A conversation with the team on how you are progressing the iteration goal is more meaningful than you just telling what you have done for a particular story on the iteration. You can also talk about any impediment that is stopping you from progressing… or any dependency that could put the iteration at risk. Feedback — fast feedback from the team at a DSU is also valuable … could save you time from going through rabbit holes. Recognition of teammates who went above and beyond to advance the iteration goal. Give them high-five to recognize and reinforce this positive behavior.

You have just seen an illustration of a CFR. CFR is the voice — human element — of OKR. OKRs and CFRs are complementary.

The various levels in SAFe has a ‘tie that binds them together’ … a ‘golden thread’… that makes every single goal tied together making each goal more meaningful.

What is this golden thread? What is this golden ‘tie’ that binds?

To be continued.

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