Are you Smarter than Sixth Graders?

Last night was the curriculum night for my daughter’s school; she is a sixth grader.

I was amazed as to how much learning they were doing relative to when I was a sixth grader (that was decades ago, LOL).

As we were leaving the school, we passed, one more time, by our daughter’s classroom… the classroom door is now closed for the night… and noticed this poster posted on it:

I said to myself … that is something I could also use for ‘Mindset Shift’ topics… and read it like so: Let Your MIND SET the stage of lean and agility. What your mind believes, it sets the stage needed to achieve it.

This applies to having a growth mindset (of which lean agile is great at). Insanity is to expect something new when we keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Think. let’s think outside the box and grow.

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