“Clarence’s breadth and depth of knowledge adds even more value to this important curriculum!” One-word retro about the class: “Thorough”


“This class has been by far the most informative, interactive and awesome one that I have ever had. Clarence is very knowledgeable, and he is a great instructor. I highly recommend anyone to take this course!”  One-word retro about the class: Detailed


“Great refresher for SAFe Agile 5.0.  I was able to gain some additional insights and awareness from the last time I attended. Other people’s experiences also brought value to the session.”  One-word retro about the class: Cohesive


“The class was phenomenal. Clarence does an exceptional job breaking the material down and giving real world examples of how to maneuver through the Scaled Agile Framework. I enjoyed the class for a second time and am looking forward to participating in the Lean Agile Elite Circle.”  One-word retro about the class: Interactive


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