New Book Published! SAFe (6.0) Is Like …

My new book — “SAFe (6.0) Is Like …”  — is now published and ready for purchase on

It has four formats — all available on Amazon — for you to choose from, according to your reading pleasure.

  • Regular Paperback — Paperback 7.44 x 9.69 inches in size, whitepaper interior, black and white pages, Regular-sized Font.

Reached #1 New Release several times!      


Reached #1 New Release several times!     

  • Large Book Edition Paperback, 8.5 inches x 11 inches in size, Whitepaper interior, Colored Pages, Larger Font.


Best of Both Worlds: Lighter than the Hardcover but larger than both the Hardcover (a bit only) and Paperback regular. This is in color and white interior.


This is a great add to your tabletop — coffee table! Elegant laminated cover exterior and premium white pages and in color interior. This Hardcover screams Premium!!! Collector’s Edition. 

From the Author:

I authored this book to help narrow down the gap between knowing and understanding SAFe.

Steve Jobs called the Computer, “The Bicycle of the Mind”.

I call this Book,  “The Bicycle of Understanding SAFe and Our Mind”.

Is this book for you? Let’s check:

• Do you want to understand SAFe by looking at it from another perspective and actually doing something — via this book’s Activity section — to experience the concepts? After all, only through action that a true understanding can occur.
• Do you want to know how a Big, Hairy and Audacious Idea (BHAI) flows in SAFe?
• Do you want to get some ideas, breakthroughs, “AHA!” moments, and inspirations?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then this book, “SAFe (6.0) Is Like…”, is for you!

This book, “SAFe (6.0) Is Like…”, will show you:
1. SAFe (6.0) without any trace of old SAFe. Meaning, it has the SAFe 6.0 terminologies (i.e., the “Program” word is totally gone) and Lean concepts (i.e., Lean takes center stage in SAFe 6.0) as applied in SAFe 6.0.
2. A lot of bite-sized, but invaluable, topics. From SAFe 6.0’s purple cow – remarkable things about SAFe 6.0 – and SAFe in general.
3. How to understand SAFe – in general and specific to SAFe 6.0 — by looking at it from another perspective
4. In the Special Section of this book, it illustrates how, in SAFe, a Big, Hairy, and Audacious Idea (BHAI) flows and turns into a product
5. Plenty of analogies, illustrations, narratives, and even cartoons for levity

This Book, “SAFe (6.0) Is Like…”, is unique

and it is also a Journal!

This Book Journal was designed — for our mind. 

Designed to wire the learnings of each topic — and there are over 60 topics in this bookinto our consciousness and nervous system.

How? By writing in this book about our personal takeaways, insights, observations 

and activities related to each topic.  After all, only through action that a true understanding can occur.


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