Predictability Versus Agility Part II

Day 43. SAFe measures the predictability of the Solution Train (Large Solution level), Agile Release Train (Program Level) and Teams (Team level). Note: starting from SAFe 5.0, Program level and Team level became one and given a new name: Essential. Business wants delivery of value to be predictable. FedEx gets my business because of their 100% predictability. ‘The world on time’ is their slogan. Read my earlier post: Lessons From FedEx Predictability is alive and paramount in SAFe, yet SAFe remains Agile... and Lean! Business Agility is also paramount. ‘Business Agility’ is what SAFe 5.0 is all about... and…
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Experience the  Power of Agility Through People Not Processes

Experience the Power of Agility Through People Not Processes

Agility: the ability to move about quickly and easily. Specially in times of uncertainty... when problems and solutions both are or one of them is unknown... and the ability to move quickly is paramount. People do the work, not processes; therefore, agility rests on people. The Agile mindset (doing Agile and being Agile) assumes that knowledge workers are already doing their best.. and that the power of agility is though people: their ability to self-organize, their improved relationships with one another, empowered, intrinsically motivated, and them having positive work environment. SAFe Principles #8 and #9 support knowledge workers. Embrace and…
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