“Clarence was amazing the way he setup the class interactive and lively. I had a vague understanding of Scaled Agile before coming to the class. Now I have clarity as to how to apply the Core Values & Principles when actually doing Lean Agile.” — PS

“Clarence is very passionate & knowledgeable. A true teacher of the craft. He’s made this class an experience. Thank you.” — MP

“Clarence was an absolute need for a great deal of confusion and I am happy to say I am well on my way to a successful experience. I look forward to future opportunities of training” — EG

“Clarence was very knowledgeable on the content of the course and was able to use life experiences of himself as well as enabled the participants to apply many of the topics to their professional and personal life so as to better understand the course content.” — anonymous

“Good listener and motivates others to want to participate without pressure.” — anonymous

“Great delivery of course content, practical examples used, and was very engaged trainer.” — anonymous

“I took the SA exam last night after a day of studying. Got 91%! Thanks for conducting a great course.” — HD

“The class content was organized, understandable, and easy to follow. Clarence, especially, was knowledgeable and used realistic examples to reinforce understanding. The PI Planning exercise was great! It gave me practical simulation and I could easily follow. The diagrams on the walls were additional reinforcement. Highly recommend this class with The Guru (Clarence)!” — RF

“Thank you! In 2 days I feel like we’re all perfectly prepared and equipped to become certified SAs and “rally the troops” around SAFe Agile Transformations. Your energy, illustrations and years of expertise were so inspiring! Hope we can stay in touch lean Guru!” — TG

“Awesome! Clarence is a great Agile Trainer. Very knowledgeable, kept us very engaged and was able to breakdown the course into pieces that we could all consume and understand, I would recommend Clarence to my colleagues. Thanks again, Clarence, for making the experience a memorable one” — GD

“Great, realistic instruction based on real world examples” — anonymous

“He’s an expert.” — anonymous

“Great energy” — anonymous

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