Testimonials: What Our Students Think

Testimonials: What Our Students Think

Clarence has provided me with excellent customized coaching on my role as a an advanced Scrum Master. I feel confident of Acing my new role in coaching my teams towards the SAFE Journey. The presentation style is very clear and concise and I like how Clarence summarized each chapter to reinforce all learning. ” S.B.

I am so glad that I signed up for Clarence’s SAFe scrum master course when I did! Clarence is a fantastic instructor, a true Agile Lean Guru. He answered all of my questions clearly, and explained SAFe concepts in a way that is applicable in the real world. I look forward to applying everything I learned in class to my current role. Thank you Clarence!” — R.B.

Clarence is an amazing instructor. This is my 2nd class with him. He is very collaborative and engaging. He is also very knowledgeable and fun. I encourage everyone who is interested in learning about Scaled Agile should take his classes. Thank you, Clarence! “One Word” retro re: class — Necessary.” — C.K.

Clarence was a great instructor. He was very thorough and framed to class to our specific needs. I am happy I took his class! “One Word” retro re: class — Informative.” — L.H.

I took the SAFe POPM course with Lean Agile Guru and it was very engaging. He provided additional advice and expertise based on his several years in the field. He is a true expert. As a bonus, he even throws in a special gift for taking his course!” — D.P.

Awesome Course by the Lean Agile Guru himself! It was a terrific course! Loved all of the creative artwork and special resources you won’t get anywhere else!I really learned a great deal with Clarence as I am a visual learner and his diagrams and explanation really help you to remember.
Phenomenal presenter – fun yet informative and original.
” — S.S.

Clarence was an amazing instructor! Very thorough and knowledegable about the entire agile process. I enjoyed that he was able to relate the topics and scenarios to my current work environment and terminology. I will implement the teaching and tips from Clarence ASAP” — D.W.

Clarence has lot of IT industry experience and it shows in his class with lot of real world examples. He is very kind and has a lot of passion in his classes. Thankyou Clarence!” — P.G.

Clarence was great at explaining the SAFE and lean concepts. In the training, we did some hands-on exercises which was a great asset.” — V.K.

Great interactive class. Kept me engaged and interested by going into a lot of depth that was directly applicable to my current job responsibilities. Awesome class. Very comprehensive knowledge across all of the different certs. He was really able to put it all together for me. Very engaging and interesting.” — R.H.

Great Facilitator and explained the content very well in clear sense and went thru each of the examples and practice sets very well with clear instructions and explained each answer in great detail. Great Communicator and very passionate about the SAFe Framework, especially by explaining each of the Business Agilities and SAFe Portfolios in great detail. Thank You Kindly.” — M.H

When I started the training for Safe Scrum master, I was very nervous, but after only 30 mins, I really realized that I’m in the best training session of my life, it was fun, clear and amazing. I will take this with me for the rest of my career life. thank you so much.” — M.T.

“Clarence has been essential to my growth as an Advanced Scrum Master! His practices and metaphors are so helpful, I can use them with my team on day 1 after this training! Thank you for your compassion and passion!” — J.A.

Hey Clarence, you really helped me in understanding SAFE principles and practices. You answered all my questions in clear and concise manner. I will definitely recommend anyone to take this course from you. I look forward to taking more courses from you. Great explanation of POPM course and course content. Great training and fantastic experience.”  — V.R.

Hey Clarence! I greatly appreciate all of the help and guidance throughout the course! A tough 2-day course made easy by the Guru himself! Thank you!” – C.V

Clarence is a Subject matter expert in SAFe Agile and an excellent instructor. The course was practical with real-world scenarios. I’ll highly recommend Clarence and his fun classes.”  — F.B.

Clarence, excellent class, excellent materials, definitely a great benefit and asset to solidify career plans. Thank you!” — R.M.

Clarence, thanks a lot for everything! 8am to 6pm with you was real fun! learnt a lot and looking forward for POPM certification!” — P.M.

The sessions with Clarence were high energy and very participative which made for great learning” — S.S.A.

Clarence made the training experience applicable to real world situations. Class collaboration was highly encouraged and very instrumental for the learnings” — J.B.

Clarence did an excellent job teaching the class! He is a great teacher and did a great job simplifying complex concepts!”  — A.J.

Hi, I need to take a call from my daughter, I want to thank you so very much for everything. I will write on your wall. This session was amazing. You made this fun and extremely interactive. Thank you for everything” — M.S.

The long 2-day session seemed very short as Clarence made it enjoyable. He was enlightening and gave me the knowledge I needed for the challenges I experienced in practice as a project manager. I would choose his course for any future SAFe training or certification.” — T.J.Y

Highly recommend the class to anyone looking to expand on their knowledge of SAFe, Clarence is a true SAFe guru and makes the class fun and informative.” — Y.T.

The Lean Agile Guru is the real thing. He is compassionate about your learning. Takes the time to provide detailed instruction. A friend informed me about his class and I was not disappointed. I feel like I have an excellent understanding of Scaled Agile. Take this class!! Clarence is a excellent instructor. He makes the classroom lively and you can see his passion for all things Agile. He has a command of the information and I enjoyed being a part of his class.” — C.L.

Enjoyed the informative class from Clarence. Highly recommend it.” — V.V.

I highly recommend this class. It was very informative, and Clarence is very knowledgeable. He is creative on how he presents the material and makes the class fun. Please take this class he is awesome.” — C.B.

I really enjoyed Clarence’s session as he brought an awesome energy to the class. He is very knowledgeable about SAFe Agile. I will look for more of his courses to take in the future. I highly recommend his SAFe Scrum Master 5.1 class.” —  K. E.

This class was very enlightening. I liked the way Clarence covered all parts of the scaled agile framework in a relatable way, and in the context of the Scrum Master’s role and responsibilities. This course covers not only how to be a successful scrum master but gave me the tools to be a change agent for my organization. Clarence makes this information interesting and easy to remember. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in embracing SAFe practices.”  — T.T.

Clarence is an awesome instructor that really take pride in his teaching. He ensures each student has a good understanding of the material and framework. He provides great real world examples that really compliment the experience. I really enjoyed the class and will definitely enjoy learning from him in the future.” — J.M.H.

I highly recommend SSM class conducted by Clarence Galapon. He goes above and beyond the course content, and provides many real life examples and simulations for the attendees to understand the concepts better. I will give 5 stars to his class!”  — R.N.

“I am a repeat student and I am pleased to say that I had another amazing session with the Lean Agile Guru! In addition to learning about the latest version of SAFe version 5.1, I also learned how SAFe relates to fractal up/fractal down, the Karate Kid movie, a Broadway play, and de·noue·ment. Highly recommend taking any of his classes! Thank you!” — G.C.

Very enjoyable class. Clarence is a kind, patient teacher which I certainly needed, received and appreciate.”  — K.C.

Clarence knowledge of the material is excellent and his knowledge of many other roles and practices in the framework at large help bring additional knowledge and perspective to the course. Not only did he facilitate the training he was able to provide many useful links and tools for further training on specific subjects.” — Anonymous

Having taking the POPM course previously , I was really looking forward to the refresher class taken this weekend. Clarence is a wealth of knowledge that allows our mindset to open up and rethink what we thought we were knowledgeable of. I will again look for the next refresher class as well to continue to stack onto the knowledge and experience I am gaining through these courses. You are an awesome instructor Clarence. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.” — D.N.
P.S. One word retro: “Visions!” 

As a new student of Agile Methodologies, I made the right choice of choosing Clarence as my Safe POPM instructor, he made the lessons fun and with his experience was able to explain things in simple terms” — O.B.
P.S. One word retro: “Enlightened!” 

Clarence used so many Broadway examples, it’s all in 6 Inches between the ears, his constant motivation to have a Conversation, become a change agent and work towards a Mindset are some of the key things I took away and will remember and practice forever. It’s not what Guides tell, it’s not required to pass the exam but it’s those what I can apply in work tomorrow. Thanks Clarence.” — D.B.
P.S. One word retro: “Learned!” 

Clarence is a rock star. He has deep knowledge of the subject matter. He makes learning enjoyable. I highly recommend choosing his courses.” — K.K.
P.S. One word retro: “Amazing!” 

This was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to grow my career. The presentation was clear and the visuals and experience that Clarence provided will stick with me. Take this class!” — C.P.
P.S. One Word retro about the class: “Enjoyable !

Very engaging course with lots of practical exercises. Specially liked the quizzes at the end of the lessons. Even while working on a agile company I learned so many things, and many ways to improve both myself and my team.” — G.C.
P.S. One Word retro about the class: “Insightful !

This class went above and beyond my expectations. Clarence took his time explaining every subject and interacted with us the entire session. I would highly recommend his class for anyone who wants a deeper look into SAFE agile practices!”  — C.C.
P.S. One Word retro about the class: “Exciting!

Clarence, your class was very collaborative. I love the analogies you use to explain the concepts. You make the learning fun and engaging. Thank you.” — R.A.

Clarence thank you so much for simplifying the class using simple examples that were easy to understand and easy to implement in everyday tasks. This has been a great starting point for me.” — S.A.
P.S. I have never been so excited to learn more as I am today. A lot to learn and look forward to! Thank you Clarence! — S.A.

Enjoyed the class , it was very interactive and learning made more fun. I would definitely recommend Clarence’s class.” — M.R.

Absolutely loved the course, Clarence is an extremely engaging and dynamic coach! Highly recommend his course if you’re new in Scaled Agile.” — K.G.

It was a wonderful course with Clarence. Learned a lot in a short period of time. I would recommend a class with him anytime!” — J.H.

Clarence your class is always fun and engaging, with off topic conversations. You provide in-depth references to books, articles and references from SAFe website. Thank You and looking forward to learning and getting coaching from you.
— K.M.

Clarence is engaging, fun, and a wealth of knowledge. As an alumni, it’s always a pleasure to come back to his classes.” — C.J.

Clarence. Thank you very much for the course this weekend. Your instruction was very clear and extremely informative. This was a great and enjoyable experience.” — A.K.

The class was really informative! the instructor Clarence took the time to stop and explain any question you may have , in efforts that wouldn’t fall behind in class. If you plan to become a scrum master, or simply looking to further educate yourself ..I highly recommend the course (Clarence’s class)” — J.R.

The class was great, Clarence broke things down to simplify complex terms and ideas while making class fun and interactive. He’s a world of knowledge and I look forward to learning more from him in the future” — J.P.R.

The class was phenomenal. Clarence does an exceptional job breaking the material down and giving real world examples of how to maneuver through the Scaled Agile Framework. I enjoyed the class for a second time and am looking forward to participating in the Lean Agile Elite Circle.” — J.M-H
One-word retro about the class: Interactive

Great refresher for SAFe Agile 5.0.  I was able to gain some additional insights and awareness from the last time I attended. Other people’s experiences also brought value to the session.” — A.V.
One-word retro about the class: Cohesive 

This class has been by far the most informative, interactive and awesome one that I have ever had. Clarence is very knowledgeable, and he is a great instructor. I highly recommend anyone to take this course!” — C.K.
One-word retro about the class: Detailed

Clarence’s breadth and depth of knowledge adds even more value to this important curriculum!” — K.J.
One-word retro about the class: Thorough

Very knowledgeable, an awesome instructor. Best I have ever had. Clarence was informative, made the class fun, and well worth the money. Give him a raise!!!!!” — K.L.

The 2 days class was engaging , fun and most importantly very informative. I have learnt so much more about SAFe and agile practices.” — T.R.

The SSM certification class conducted by Clarence is very educative, interactive and insightful. He goes above and beyond the course work to provide participants with knowledge and skills that they can use to succeed in their role as a SAFe Scrum Master.” — R.N.

Thank You for teaching the SSM 5.0 class, allowing the Alumni to retake the class.   Your teaching style keeps everyone engaged and learning!   Your in-depth knowledge and ability to explain and provide real life examples on how to address the situations as Scrum Master.  Appreciate you providing the book references for details and teaching beyond what is in the training material.  Look forward to taking the next class with you.  Thank You!!” -K.M.

Thank you Clarence for this amazing class. It was an awesome review of the SAFe Scrum Master material!” — I.J.R.

Clarence showed expert knowledge of the course content and provided feedback to everyone based on their work environment. Organized and provides detailed pictures to support each lesson plan.” — Anonymous

“Clarence: Thank you so much for bringing the [SSM] class to life and making it so colorful.  It was fun and exciting.  I will be delighted to refer my friends.  See you in my next class.” — K.D.

Thank you very much Clarence Galapon for this amazing weekend of SAFe Scrum Master Training. Best training that I have ever had. Thank you for the KNOWLEDGE. BEST TRAINING EVER!!” — L.M.

The SSM training has been fruitful!!” — P.K.

Clarence is an awesome teacher. Always engaging and makes a difficult topic easier!  — R.E.”

The Scrum experience of the students in my SSM class ranged from experienced to no experience at all. Clarence was able to get everyone to actively participate in the class exercises and discussions. Clarence shared his experiences that helped the class understand the concept which I believe is valuable to be a successful Scrum Master.” — O.

Clarence incorporates actual experiences in his training. I was appreciative of the power of ELMO (Enough, Let’s Move On) to help us stay on track. It was used by team members to call on other participants, including Clarence. It was COOL. I used the technique in our family discussion that very night.” — O.H.

Clarence shared actual experiences which were helpful in understanding the role” — S.M.

Clarence was very knowledgeable and he kept the class fun and engaging. I would love to take another course taught by him.” — P.C.

You are an amazing facilitator!  The two days of instruction and training was very easy to follow and you kept the entire class engaged.  I think everyone was encouraged to actively participate and you allowed us to have real life discussion and ask real life questions and you have real life answers.  This is my second SAFe certification with you.  If and when I get my next one, Ike be coming to the “LAG baby”.  The Lean Agile Guru. The name really fits!    
Thank you again
” — G.H.

Hi Clarence,
I always appreciate the opportunity for being a part of your class. Your passion for teaching seeks to bring out of us an equal passion for learning, if not more. The practical approach to learning, and to doing, makes a world of difference in the student experience. When the experience is multiplied by the number of class participants, then the class explodes into a wonderful experience.
I am looking forward to future classes, and to seeing your fig tree post-covid.
” — R.M.

Clarence made the course extremely fun and interactive with real world examples, even amidst a virtual course due to COVID—I will definitely be referring colleagues and friends who are looking to become SAFe certified.” — M.H.

I took the PO/PM course with Clarence a couple of weeks ago and felt like I needed some further clarification when taking the practice exam for the course.  I reached out to Clarence for a refresher and he was more than accommodating and had me enrolled in class that following week.  Clarence goes through the class masterfully and gives his students the opportunity to  challenge their current approach and then transform it using SAFe.  I highly recommend taking this class for anyone who is trying to practice, understand and become a SAFe PO/PM.” — Y.T.

Clarence included work experiences in the course content which was extremely helpful.
He encouraged rapport and camaraderie in the class which resulted in a lot of interaction. There was no dull moment.
” — O.H.

Clarence has a way to approach these concepts in a different matter that allows you to grasp them much easier than the actual textbook.” — Anonymous

Clarence always goes out of his way to ensure everyone is participating, fully engaged, and absorbing the concepts. Clarence fosters a very collaborative environment.” — Anonymous

Clarence presents the material well and demonstrates a firm understanding of all of the concepts.” — Anonymous

“Clarence goes beyond course material, making the learning process relatable and easier to apply to real life situations” — Y.

“Enjoyed the course (POPM) as it has brought light onto concepts from both theoretical but most importantly from an application point of view. I have been able to enjoy extra content and deeper information on certain topics that are important in the industry.” — Y.K.

Clarence, wanted to give you this post on your back again. This is my second SAFe certification with you and I chose to come back to you because of the level of knowledge you have and the real world applications you brought when I took the SSM. I was able to secure a job using the tools you shared. So when I decided to further my career again, I thought of you. You did NOT disappoint with the SAFe POPM course either. I’m looking forward to my next career move and you are part of that success.” — G.H.

Clarence made the SAFe POPM course material interesting, relevant, and digestible. He was very interactive and engaging with his students to improve our understanding. He provided relevant examples and encouraged students to share their experiences to answer our questions. I highly recommend taking a SAFe course with Clarence!” — A.C.

Clarence, went over the whole course thoroughly, helped us by providing a visual flow of PM/PO workflow.  What I learned in the class will help me better understand my organization and raise questions that I never though of asking before.  Thank you.” — Y.T.

Thank you, Clarence! Your POPM is a great class solidifying current knowledge and expanding my knowledge-base to explore the different opportunities. A wonderful learning experience, thanks.” – R.M.

Clarence does a great job presenting material and fostering a collaborative environment.  I feel much more comfortable and confident with the material and concepts presented in this course.” — N.L.

Throughout the class, Clarence Galapon provided several examples to help us relate to the concepts of SaFe Agile – Lean. His training provided a means for me to grasp a new way of thinking and learning to approach System development and implementation. I highly recommend his class.” — Anonymous

The class for SaFe Scrum Master helped me redirect my focus, and begin to build a mindset to enable Agile teams rather than trying to “Direct, Control” the developer efforts. I am looking forward to being more of an enabling resource.” — I.J. R.

Clarence has an Interactive and engaging way of communicating SAFe concepts and principles. Great discussion on real examples to back-up theory and when/how it can fit into company’s processes and releases cycles.” — T.S.

I attended the SAFe Scale Agile PO/PM training course with Clarence, he is an excellent trainer, he covered the material well for the workbook and gave real life examples to support the SAFe topics in the SAFe Framework. His class is very informative, and he made it simple to understand the material. I am sure with the training that I received and my preparation with the exam I will be successful. If you are planning to take this course, I recommend Clarence, you won’t be disappointed.” — J.L.

Hi Clarence, Thanks again for the GREAT POPM class this weekend. The way you explained it and provided external examples and materials really helped solidify the training. I appreciate the time and all the material you provided to us for future use!” — S.H.

Clarence, Great class and thanks for taking the time to answer questions and for constructing the information towards my position/job so that it was more relatable for me.  Recommend to all” — H.P.

The Scrum Master training was very good and informative.  Clarence was energetic the entire time and kept me engaged with his real world examples.  I learned a great deal in our 2 day session.” — D.W.
One word reflection of this class: “Informative

I was fortunate to take the PO/PM Certification Course with Clarence Galapon as the instructor recently, and his expertise and management of the course was evident that he is indeed a SAFe Agile Guru.  He made sure we all understood the material and always gave us an opportunity to chime in and chase rabbits if we had questions along the way, while simultaneously keeping us on track to finish all of the material on time.” — E.B.
One word reflection of this class: “Reassuring

The POPM class provided by Clarence has been very helpful and insightful. I would highly recommend Clarence as the instructor of choice for this training . He will take the time needed to ensure you have the knowledge you were seeking.   Thank you Clarence for your time and effort to ensure we gained the knowledge we were seeking” — D.N.
One word reflection of this class: “Knowledgeable

Clarence brings a wealth of experience that informs the scaled agile training material. Very informative training!” — K.J.
One word reflection of this class: “Comprehensive

Clarence was able to explain the course material in a very interesting way with examples” — Anonymous

Clarence is a great instructor for SAFe Scrum Master course, It was a great learning experience. He was patient and very knowledgeable about Agile in general and SAFe in particular. I recommend anyone interested in learning Scaled Agile should enroll with his web site LeanAgileGuru.com.
Retrospective of the class, in one word: Great!” — N.P.

Clarence used a variety of teaching styles to meet the variety of ways that attendees learn. It was an interactive course. Highly recommend.” — Anonymous

Clarence is a knowledgeable SAFe Instructor and offers an exciting course. His teaching style is very interactive and engaging for students and provides lots of opportunities to ask questions and participate in activities.” — A.B.

Clarence is knowledgeable of SAFe PO/PM. He makes the class enjoyable and uses a variety of teaching tools to meet all learning styles.” — K.L-A.

Clarence, you have been really nice and great !!…You have a lot of patience. Thank you again” — P.K.

Good Afternoon Clarence,

I hope all is well! I wanted to reach out to let you know I took the exam last night [three days after the class] and I passed! I wanted to thank you again for all of your instruction and your insight into the SAFe world. I definitely developed a deeper passion for implementing this process and getting into a team and a technical project that I can bring a great amount of value into. I would really like to stay in touch and have you as a mentor on this path of continued Agile learning. The knowledge you passed along to me really had an impact and I want to add as many tools to the tool belt that I can to continuously improve. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this extraordinary time and I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

Also, I forgot to ask what gear you were shooting with since you said you were a Nikon guy. I’m always keeping tabs on new releases and really enjoy talking shop when it comes to the photography world as a whole. Take care, and looking forward to hearing from you!



Clarence has been an incredible instructor and effectively taught me the SAFe Agile 5.0 framework.  His course is extremely engaging and he provides real world examples beyond just the course material that makes all the content relatable and applicable.  His knowledge and experience is of great value to anyone looking to dive into the Scaled Agile world and I would recommend his course to anyone looking to join this field.  You will develop a passion and deeper understanding of this methodology after learning with him and his courses are an incredible way to improve yourself personally and professionally.” -C.T.L.

The class was really informative , detailed, with a great instructor [Clarence] that provided insight on how to handle real world situations that one would encounter during  the art of scrum. He also breaks things down in laymen terms that people can easily understand. I would highly recommend  the course if you are looking to excel in SAFe Agile.” — J.R.

Dear Clarence,

I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the Safe Scrum Master course that was held last weekend.

The training was awesome, and I genuinely enjoyed each moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful.

I am happy to say that I passed the exam yesterday [three days after the class].

I will surely recommend this course to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you. Later, this year I plan on attending your POPM course.


— B

Clarence provided a very engaging and interactive online experience. He always took the time to explore questions from the group to increase our comfort level with the material.” — Anonymous

Clarence clearly has a deep knowledge of the course content and prepared for all areas participants wanted to explore in more depth.” — Anonymous

Clarence have immense experience in the area of SAFE and exposure to various industries” — Anonymous

“Clarence ,

Thank you Clarence for teaching us, you are a good teacher with innovation and immense knowledge in SAFE world. Also I had a chance to be part of this awesome class and to learn from their unique thoughts on subject.

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to take the SAFE Scrum master (5.0) exam today [one day after the class] and got passed (Certified). I am sending this note to make the class motivated and let them know you can take it as soon as possible (Note: I did practice test once before actual exam) , During the training I was going through the topics in scaledagile website to get deeper understanding as Clarence was going through it in training. It helped me better understand the concept and topic.

Be safe and healthy

Thank you a lot Clarence! You are the best trainer I have ever met. Looking forward to meeting you in another training.” — A.H.

The class was very interactive and we were engaged the entire time…thank you so much !!” — P.K.

Awesome class! Perfect opportunity to benefit from Clarence’s many areas of expertise and years of experience.” — R.M.

Clarence provided a fantastic and engaging environment.” — N.L.

The class was Awesome. I plan on taking another one of your courses.” — B.T.

Awesome class Clarence…”
Thank you for your valuable time and be part of class of SSM this weekend. I had learned a lot and now I have better understanding as this being my second class [with you as the teacher in both classes] in SAFE AGILE world. Impressed with your teaching style online and class had smart people.” — C.R.

“Thank you Clarence!” — A.S.

Clarence engages all level students where he excellently brings up to speed the one who has little knowledge where as without boring others who has good understanding of the topic” — Anonymous

Clarence has a very good knowledge / experience on enterprise level large scale project delivery on various processes / methodologies that helps him to summarize the SAFe in a simple words so that students can understand complex things in a easy way!!” — Anonymous

Clarence has In depth knowledge of the concept.” — Anonymous

Clarence is very knowledgeable!” — Anonymous

Wonderful Class!
Clarence took the time to coach me one-on-one, answered my questions, and shared his experiences in great detail. I got so much more than the SSM!
” — S.C.

Clarence is Highly knowledgeable! very good with relating real world examples and experiences which helped to reinforce the learning!!!” — Anonymous

Clarence has Excellent engaging presentation skills! Very good energy and ability to keep learners engaged!” — Anonymous

Clarence added a lot of good information and had great stories.” — Anonymous

Clarence is a good speaker and conveys the message well.” — Anonymous

Clarence was a very good presenter and was very knowledgeable with the course materials.” — Anonymous

Clarence Used a lot of interactive tools” — Anonymous

“Mr. Clarence is a best instructor, trying to explain with real world examples. Very knowledgeable” — Anonymous

Clarence Galapon is very knowledgeable and very expressive with Agile Framework. He is very good in providing examples that makes students (candidates) understand in a simple way. I’m inspired by his many accomplishments in Agile framework.” — Anonymous

Clarence gave a deep understanding of the course content along with some hidden gems to think about while working.” — Anonymous

Clarence is a Phenomenal instructor with an excellent ability to help you relate concepts with analogies that stick.” — Anonymous

Clarence is a wonderful facilitator and keeps the class engaging and interesting while helping us apply it to real life principles.” — Anonymous

I would absolutely recommend Clarence as an Instructor! Very committed and very knowledgeable! Thank you!” — B.S.

“Awesome session!! Learned so much. Though I have been into Agile for so long, Clarence kept on straight-SAFe process so that I can understand SAFe in a prescribed way.” — A.M.

Absolutely loved the 2 days of SAFe, learned a lot about PI Planning, Clarence cleared and patiently answered all our questions.” — C.B.A.

Course content was delivered in a manner that was easily comprehended” — P.S.

Enjoyed the learning and all the experiences gained here…” — V.S.

Love the hands-on “exercises”. Really helped us apply into what we learned” — M.O.

Clarence is AWESOME!!! He facilitated the class at great pace. I was able to follow the material and left plenty of time to answer all my questions and gave real world examples of how and when to use various techniques. I would definitely take another course facilitated by Clarence” — J

Clarence is an awesome instructor. He really knows his stuff and takes the student down the real world path of SAFe. His expertise is unmatched and spans well beyond what is in the workbook. Excellent course. I look forward to working with Clarence again” — J.M.

“Thank you!! Fun class, learned a lot of things that are not in the book. Clarence, you are very knowledgeable on the topic of scaled Agile not just Scrum Master topic. Appreciate you providing the additional information including the books to read and information from the website.
I recommend this and any course you teach.
Thank you!”
— K.M.

“I agree with A.B. that the the SAFe Scrum Master class was well delivered & prepared. Clarence made the class interesting and was able to keep our attention and engagement throughout. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in being a Scrum Master within the SAFe framework” — C.H.

“The SAFe Scrum Master class was very well delivered and prepared. Clarence kept the class time moving and interesting.” — A.B.

“Dear Clarence,
I am happy to share my exam results with you (98%!).
Your attention to details and all the extra visuals/drawings during the training helped me a lot to achieve this wonderful milestone.
Appreciate your training tactics and the way you shared knowledge.
Have a great day!”
— P.A.R.

Clarence is AWESOME! He takes the time to explain and clarify your questions. The level of experience (33 yr) Shows. Highly recommend!
” — M.S.

Clarence brings in a lot of energy and analogies that make a lasting impact of how SAFe principles for POPM roles are defined/used in enterprise and large scale organizations. I will recommend this class/session for anyone who wants to strengthen their skills.” — P.A.R.

Choosing Clarence was definitely a good choice for my training. He is very engaged with his students so the learning experience is the best!”
Thank you, Clarence
” — P.H.

It was one of the best trainings I have attended so far. Thank you, Clarence!” — D.B.

I attended this SSM course keeping in mind my result out of it & I am feeling confident about it. It was worth trying for & I like the way it was presented & delivered by Clarence. I would recommend this to my friends and colleagues & will also like to attend more of the courses in the future.
Good luck, Clarence!” — R.F.

When asked for a one-word describing the SSM class:
Excellent!” — Anonymous

I like the way the training is done” — Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in practicing SAFe Principles. It was really helpful and hope to implement the learnings from your training course.
All the best
.” — S.T.

Enjoyed the class and teaching us to provide the things needed to know about POPM and practice.
Thank you.
” — C.R.K.

Clarence was able to provide context from personal experience, industry knowledge and books that he read to invest in his career.” — Anonymous

Clarence’s class was very engaging and a great experience!” — Anonymous

Really great classes! I have taken 2 courses with Clarence and I learned so much from the classes — helps me to relate the concepts I am learning in class to relate them to my job. I highly recommend Clarence as an instructor. Very helpful.
” — L.M.

This is my second course with Clarence. He is very resourceful, knowledgeable, and approachable. His class teachings go beyond the study guide. Will highly recommend his classes.” — R.N.

Awesome coach, trainer and very resourceful. Good examples with topics.” — V.C.

Great Class! Wonderful learning opportunities and real world way to apply skills. Very engaging and informative” — M.W.

Great flow of information and real world examples to bring things together. Great course/class!” — G.H.

Class was very engaging and informative” — A.D.

“[Class] was interesting and a great learning opportunity!” — V.S.

Clarence is an excellent Agile Guru. The training was fantastic and I have come out off the training with an Agile mindset. Thank you very much!” — D.B.

Clarence! Great class as always! This is my third time having your class and each time I learn something new. You’re truly a Guru!” — U.H.

Clarence’s presentation is excellent and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching and always felt engaged in active conversations.” — Anonymous

Clarence not only has excellent knowledge on the SAFe principles, he has the tremendous capability of elaborating the concepts to his students.” — Anonymous

It was the most engaging training session I ever attended in my 11 years of IT career. Clarence has the extraordinary capability of connecting and simplifying concepts. There are so much between the lines which remains otherwise undiscovered if you don’t attend his session.
Highly recommended, and glad that I attended.
” — S.C.

Again, Clarence has exceeded expectations! The examples and content made my learning. His enthusiastic personality and inclusive teaching style really made the class so engaging. Thanks 🙂” — C.J.

The SAFe Scrum Master class I just finished was extremely powerful and thought-provoking. The class was interactive and had my attention. I feel confident I am prepared for the eventual examination. Thanks to Clarence for his knowledge and obvious preparation!” — W.S.

This class was powerful in reminding me of important Agile concepts and informing me on SAFe principles. Clarence is an engaging and fun instructor.” — L.F.

Great trainer. Addressed all my queries. I think I am full of knowledge and confidence now. Can’t wait to become a SSM.” — A.B.

Thank you Clarence for the eye opening session. I was terrified of the SAFe diagram on the site and you’ve made it look so less daunting now” — S.S.

Great class. Learned a lot and the attendees gave great feedback. Thank you for all the tools to be a Scrum Master” — S.K.

I learned a lot in the class. I am very new to Scrum Master but I could keep up. Very good teacher” — P.K.

Awesome class and I enjoyed learning and will apply concepts immediately” — F.S.

Great course — enjoyed learning from Mr. Galapon” — F.C.

Retrospective — on SAFe Scrum Master class — in one word:
Thought-provoking” — L.F.
Mind-expanding” — P.K.
Enlightening” — F.S.
Learning” — S.K.
Inception” — S.S.
Exploring” — A.B.
Dynamic” — F.C.
Powerful” — W.S.

Clarence has a pleasant, enjoyable approach to teaching. While he knows the subject matter, he adds in practical experience to help reinforce the material. I’d recommend Clarence for this POPM class!” — Anonymous

The SAFe POPM training with Clarence is so ENGAGING! We covered all topics I needed, and I now know how to do things; I have an action plan to move forward.” — T.W.

The training was engaging; practical examples/discussions with others helped a lot. Some of the learning I will be applying immediately.” — N.R.

Nice visualization helped me to clarify fundamental concepts. Thank you for making visuals and covering all topics with examples.” — P.B.

Great course for training on POPM. Highly recommend to take course with Clarence.” — A.V.

The class with Clarence was amazing. He kept it interesting and fun throughout the entire class. We got the BIG picture while still focusing on what we needed to know. Looking forward to my next class with him.” — T.W.

Clarence, Thank you for having this great course review for Scrum Master. This course explained what I wanted to know about being a Scrum Master. The material you shared was very informative. Thanks.” — L.M.

Clarence provided great course knowledge base, outstanding and detailed instructions about swim lanes and principles. Great Instructor. Thanks!” — C.C.

As someone who is looking forward to play the Scrum Master role in a SAFe Environment, Clarence’s class was very informative and hands-on. Will recommend his training to others too.” — R.N.

Got good knowledge on the Scrum Master traits and activities. Course materials and instructions by Clarence were helpful” — V.C.

Great Instructor!” — D.C.

Clarence is a great coach, trainer and human being. He made the classroom very colorful and interactive. His way of drawing and explaining was really different. It was a fun-filled 2 days of learning. Thank you so much Clarence!” — M.G.

“It was a nice learning experience with you, Clarence. Your in-depth knowledge, experience, hands-on demonstration of basic concepts helped us to understand the basic concepts of Agile. I would be thankful to you. Thank you very much!” — V.C.

Clarence is the Agile Guru! I learned so much during this course. Thank you!” — L.S.

Clarence you are an Amazing Instructor as Always!” Thank you again!” — U.H.

Clarence made learning fun and interesting. Enjoyed his class very much, highly recommended. I’m ready to take the exam!” — G.C.

Clarence has so much knowledge and is very fun and engaging. This class has really prepared me for the POPM role.” — C.J.

Clarence is truly a Lean Agile Guru. He makes learning fun and engaging. Thanks for a great class!” — T.I.

“Clarence made the material fun to learn without causing it to be boring” — Anonymous

“Clarence was able to provide a practical perspective to the course material” — Anonymous

“Clarence is very knowledgeable and made the class fun. He explained many abstract concepts utilizing daily metaphors easy to understand.” — Anonymous

“Clarence was able to answer any question that the team asked, and we definitely threw some tough ones his way!” — Anonymous

“Clarence keeps it interesting, interactive and fun” — Anonymous

“It was a good course with clear guidelines and very good pace. Clarence, you are a good teacher. Looking forward for more learning.” — P.G.

“Easy to follow and practical usage of the practices. Clarence is an excellent instructor and will answer any questions asked.” — B.C.

“Great realistic and practical applications of SAFe principles. Appreciate the enthusiasm brought to the class to improve the experience” — S.M.

“Fun guy and practical experience during the training helped me a lot. Great coaching!” — J.M.T.

“Clarence, you did a great job!” — S.M.

“Clarence explained the concepts with a real world example which made it easy to understand. Practical sessions are informative. Excellent facilitation skills” — Anonymous

“Very Knowledgeable trainer. I had a great experience in Clarence’s facilitation of the class” — Anonymous

“This is a knowledgeable instructor who is a practitioner! The class was fun and Clarence keeps things lively. Thank you for a weekend well spent.” — D.V.

“This SAFe class is a great class. I enjoyed the course and I believe I received many useful information for transformation and agile SAFe. Also very fortunate to meet and interact with other Agile professionals who shared their experiences and aspirations. I recommend this course. The entire class was a success. Thank you very much” — O.E.X.

“I enjoyed the course. Very informative and now I feel inspired to take in challenges” — B.V.

“I really enjoyed taking this course. I feel prepared to implement Lean Agile principles in my workplace as well as my daily activities” — D.H.

“Thank you, Clarence, for teaching and facilitating the Product Owner and Product Manager course! The information and knowledge conveyed will directly impact my day to day work activities in an overwhelming positive way. Thank you again!!!” — J. H.

“Clarence, I’ve learned so much about the Product Owner role and I’m ready to approach my role with a focused direction and energy. I’m planning on being in touch! Thank you!” — U.H

“As an operations professional, I find Clarence’s presentation of the Scaled Agile Framework to be extremely valuable. My company has 600 employees — we are small but growing; and our development processes are growing as well. After this seminar, I believe this growth will be accomplished within the context of this best practices framework. I wholeheartedly recommend Clarence as a fantastic teacher; and consider him to be a professional mentor moving forward” — K.M.

“Clarence was able to connect the dots by sharing real experience and providing examples throughout the course. His visual examples were constant references to help us understand the framework.” — Anonymous

“Clarence’s engagement with the class allowed us to share our pain point without disrupting the course content.” — Anonymous

“Clarence had a very strong working knowledge of the course content. I do not remember a time where he was asked a question about the content that he did not have a sufficient answer.” — Anonymous

“He was very good at getting all of the students involved but we were always running over in time.” — Anonymous

“Clarence applied his practical knowledge in class by eliciting real-world examples from members and using the examples as teaching material. He clearly had in-depth experience with project management, Scrum, Kanban, and, of course, SAFe” — Anonymous

“It’s a true learning experience; appreciated amazing learning from Clarence. The nutshell of SAFe Scrum Master is clearly explained, and got the full grasp of or insight on Agile. Thank you.” — J.A.I.

“I appreciated Clarence’s practical experience and the way he brought out real-world knowledge from each of the students. His class provided a rich learning experience” — K.W.

“I’m new to the Scrum Master arena. I’m pivoting from an entirely different industry to a position I feel is on the grow. Coming from a novice knowledge of Scrum, the class conducted by Clarence was very informative and interactive. I feel very prepared to get into a great opportunity” — J.R.

“The SAFe SM course/class was fun and informative conducted by Clarence. It did answer a few questions I had about overall SAFe; however, I’d like to see in the SSM training manual a bigger picture of SAFe showing the entire process flow from Portfolio to Team level as it makes more sense for SMs to know about this” — N.D.

“Great SSM Class. Keep up the good work, I like the discussions about SAFe” — J.S.

“Clarence kept a great change of pace by mixing group activities and interactive quizzes throughout the training.” — Anonymous

“Excellent training, simple, easy to follow, engaging and funny. Constant feedback to ensure the students clearly understand the concept. Great job, Clarence!” — BK

“The training was great. There was a lot of interaction between all the participants. It was not just sitting around listening to Clarence talking. He was energetic and kept our attention and made the material very digest-able” — RB

“Clarence brought clarity and guiding principles for implementing a SAFe Agile approach for our challenging environment. On top of that, he made the learning process extremely enjoyable. I am excited to get to work on this!” — MT

“Thanks for clearly articulating how the roles of a PM and PO are different. Understand that alone will be the key to my success in my new role. Clarence brought excitement to the context. I will be in touch for more coaching. Best Regards” — EJ

“This is my second Agile certification training with Clarence (Lean Agile Guru). I passed the SAFe Agilist (SA 4.6) exam in May 2019, and the most recent training is PO/PM training in July 2019. In both instances, I found the degree of information sufficient, duration of the training appropriate, and the delivery of the information from a practical perspective. I highly recommend this training and any future training. I plan to pursue at least one more Agile certification and will definitely register for training with “Applied Lean Agile” with Clarence!” — RF

“Clarence was well engaged and you could tell that he loves teaching and sharing this knowledge” — anonymous (SSM 4.6 Class)

“Clarence, this SSM 4.6 class was extremely beneficial. I learned a great deal about Scrum and have a better grasp of Scrum and its application in a SAFe environment. The role-plays made the learnings more impactful. Your teaching method made the class enjoyable and impactful. Thank you.” — A. M.

“Clarence, thank you for working so hard for making the SAFe Scrum Master training so much fun learning experience with real examples and stories. I really enjoyed and learned so much. I wish you all the best. Cheers!” — R. A.

“Thank you for a wonderful training session for SAFe Scrum Master. Clarence, you are very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. You are very professional and an excellent communicator. You incorporated a lot of past experiences that make the materials come to life. Wish you the best.” — J. M. M.

“In Clarence’s class, I learnt the basis of SAFe and provided me the way to build the SAFe Knowledge” — K. M.

“Clarence’s energy really helped carry the course. The examples in the course helped form the ideas presented. He really helped in facilitating the conversation and let each of us build and exchange knowledge. I would take more classes in the future and recommend to my peers. Thanks” — T. J. G.

“The SSM 4.6 was very informative!! Great subject matter; I feel prepared to move forward in my Scrum journey. Thank you… greatly appreciated!!” — M. B.

“I was contemplating whether I go to the CSM class or this SSM 4.6 class…I’m glad I did come to this SSM 4.6 class” — M.

“In the SAFe Scrum Master course, I learned so many different aspects in becoming a Scrum Master. The course was very rewarding and looking forward to taking the skills learned back to my team and moving forward. Thank you Clarence!” — E. M.

“I really liked the fact that Clarence allowed us to learn from each other and his guidance. Hear it from other points of view really helped my understanding.” — anonymous

“Great communication skills. Clarence’s energy was very good. He was very helpful and took the time to answer questions.” — anonymous

“Clarence was amazing the way he setup the class interactive and lively. I had a vague understanding of Scaled Agile before coming to the class. Now I have clarity as to how to apply the Core Values & Principles when actually doing Lean Agile.” — P. S.

“Clarence is very passionate & knowledgeable. A true teacher of the craft. He’s made this class an experience. Thank you.” — M. P.

“Clarence was an absolute need for a great deal of confusion and I am happy to say I am well on my way to a successful experience. I look forward to future opportunities of training” — E. G.

“Clarence was very knowledgeable on the content of the course and was able to use life experiences of himself as well as enabled the participants to apply many of the topics to their professional and personal life so as to better understand the course content.” — Anonymous

“Good listener and motivates others to want to participate without pressure.” — Anonymous

“Great delivery of course content, practical examples used, and was very engaged trainer.” — Anonymous

“I took the SA exam last night after a day of studying. Got 91%! Thanks for conducting a great course.” — H. D.

“The class content was organized, understandable, and easy to follow. Clarence, especially, was knowledgeable and used realistic examples to reinforce understanding. The PI Planning exercise was great! It gave me practical simulation and I could easily follow. The diagrams on the walls were additional reinforcement. Highly recommend this class with The Guru (Clarence)!” — R. F.

“Thank you! In 2 days I feel like we’re all perfectly prepared and equipped to become certified SAs and “rally the troops” around SAFe Agile Transformations. Your energy, illustrations and years of expertise were so inspiring! Hope we can stay in touch lean Guru!” — T. G.

“Awesome! Clarence is a great Agile Trainer. Very knowledgeable, kept us very engaged and was able to breakdown the course into pieces that we could all consume and understand, I would recommend Clarence to my colleagues. Thanks again, Clarence, for making the experience a memorable one” — G. D.

“Great, realistic instruction based on real world examples” — Anonymous

“He’s an expert.” — Anonymous

“Great energy!” — Anonymous

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