Testimonials: What Our Students Think

The class with Clarence was amazing. He kept it interesting and fun throughout the entire class. We got the BIG picture while still focusing on what we needed to know. Looking forward to my next class with him.” — T.W.

Clarence, Thank you for having this great course review for Scrum Master. This course explained what I wanted to know about being a Scrum Master. The material you shared was very informative. Thanks.” — L.M.

Clarence provided great course knowledge base, outstanding and detailed instructions about swim lanes and principles. Great Instructor. Thanks!” — C.C.

As someone who is looking forward to play the Scrum Master role in a SAFe Environment, Clarence’s class was very informative and hands-on. Will recommend his training to others too.” — R.N.

Got good knowledge on the Scrum Master traits and activities. Course materials and instructions by Clarence were helpful” — V.C.

Great Instructor!” — D.C.

Clarence is a great coach, trainer and human being. He made the classroom very colorful and interactive. His way of drawing and explaining was really different. It was a fun-filled 2 days of learning. Thank you so much Clarence!” — M.G.

“It was a nice learning experience with you, Clarence. Your in-depth knowledge, experience, hands-on demonstration of basic concepts helped us to understand the basic concepts of Agile. I would be thankful to you. Thank you very much!” — V.C.

Clarence is the Agile Guru! I learned so much during this course. Thank you!” — L.S.

Clarence you are an Amazing Instructor as Always!” Thank you again!” — U.H.

Clarence made learning fun and interesting. Enjoyed his class very much, highly recommended. I’m ready to take the exam!” — G.C.

Clarence has so much knowledge and is very fun and engaging. This class has really prepared me for the POPM role.” — C.J.

Clarence is truly a Lean Agile Guru. He makes learning fun and engaging. Thanks for a great class!” — T.I.

“Clarence made the material fun to learn without causing it to be boring” — Anonymous

“Clarence was able to provide a practical perspective to the course material” — Anonymous

“Clarence is very knowledgeable and made the class fun. He explained many abstract concepts utilizing daily metaphors easy to understand.” — Anonymous

“Clarence was able to answer any question that the team asked, and we definitely threw some tough ones his way!” — Anonymous

“Clarence keeps it interesting, interactive and fun” — Anonymous

“It was a good course with clear guidelines and very good pace. Clarence, you are a good teacher. Looking forward for more learning.” — P.G.

“Easy to follow and practical usage of the practices. Clarence is an excellent instructor and will answer any questions asked.” — B.C.

“Great realistic and practical applications of SAFe principles. Appreciate the enthusiasm brought to the class to improve the experience” — S.M.

“Fun guy and practical experience during the training helped me a lot. Great coaching!” — J.M.T.

“Clarence, you did a great job!” — S.M.

“Clarence explained the concepts with a real world example which made it easy to understand. Practical sessions are informative. Excellent facilitation skills” — Anonymous

“Very Knowledgeable trainer. I had a great experience in Clarence’s facilitation of the class” — Anonymous

“This is a knowledgeable instructor who is a practitioner! The class was fun and Clarence keeps things lively. Thank you for a weekend well spent.” — D.V.

“This SAFe class is a great class. I enjoyed the course and I believe I received many useful information for transformation and agile SAFe. Also very fortunate to meet and interact with other Agile professionals who shared their experiences and aspirations. I recommend this course. The entire class was a success. Thank you very much” — O.E.X.

“I enjoyed the course. Very informative and now I feel inspired to take in challenges” — B.V.

“I really enjoyed taking this course. I feel prepared to implement Lean Agile principles in my workplace as well as my daily activities” — D.H.

“Thank you, Clarence, for teaching and facilitating the Product Owner and Product Manager course! The information and knowledge conveyed will directly impact my day to day work activities in an overwhelming positive way. Thank you again!!!” — J. H.

“Clarence, I’ve learned so much about the Product Owner role and I’m ready to approach my role with a focused direction and energy. I’m planning on being in touch! Thank you!” — U.H

“As an operations professional, I find Clarence’s presentation of the Scaled Agile Framework to be extremely valuable. My company has 600 employees — we are small but growing; and our development processes are growing as well. After this seminar, I believe this growth will be accomplished within the context of this best practices framework. I wholeheartedly recommend Clarence as a fantastic teacher; and consider him to be a professional mentor moving forward” — K.M.

“Clarence was able to connect the dots by sharing real experience and providing examples throughout the course. His visual examples were constant references to help us understand the framework.” — Anonymous

“Clarence’s engagement with the class allowed us to share our pain point without disrupting the course content.” — Anonymous

“Clarence had a very strong working knowledge of the course content. I do not remember a time where he was asked a question about the content that he did not have a sufficient answer.” — Anonymous

“He was very good at getting all of the students involved but we were always running over in time.” — Anonymous

“Clarence applied his practical knowledge in class by eliciting real-world examples from members and using the examples as teaching material. He clearly had in-depth experience with project management, Scrum, Kanban, and, of course, SAFe” — Anonymous

“It’s a true learning experience; appreciated amazing learning from Clarence. The nutshell of SAFe Scrum Master is clearly explained, and got the full grasp of or insight on Agile. Thank you.” — J.A.I.

“I appreciated Clarence’s practical experience and the way he brought out real-world knowledge from each of the students. His class provided a rich learning experience” — K.W.

“I’m new to the Scrum Master arena. I’m pivoting from an entirely different industry to a position I feel is on the grow. Coming from a novice knowledge of Scrum, the class conducted by Clarence was very informative and interactive. I feel very prepared to get into a great opportunity” — J.R.

“The SAFe SM course/class was fun and informative conducted by Clarence. It did answer a few questions I had about overall SAFe; however, I’d like to see in the SSM training manual a bigger picture of SAFe showing the entire process flow from Portfolio to Team level as it makes more sense for SMs to know about this” — N.D.

“Great SSM Class. Keep up the good work, I like the discussions about SAFe” — J.S.

“Clarence kept a great change of pace by mixing group activities and interactive quizzes throughout the training.” — Anonymous

“Excellent training, simple, easy to follow, engaging and funny. Constant feedback to ensure the students clearly understand the concept. Great job, Clarence!” — BK

“The training was great. There was a lot of interaction between all the participants. It was not just sitting around listening to Clarence talking. He was energetic and kept our attention and made the material very digest-able” — RB

“Clarence brought clarity and guiding principles for implementing a SAFe Agile approach for our challenging environment. On top of that, he made the learning process extremely enjoyable. I am excited to get to work on this!” — MT

“Thanks for clearly articulating how the roles of a PM and PO are different. Understand that alone will be the key to my success in my new role. Clarence brought excitement to the context. I will be in touch for more coaching. Best Regards” — EJ

“This is my second Agile certification training with Clarence (Lean Agile Guru). I passed the SAFe Agilist (SA 4.6) exam in May 2019, and the most recent training is PO/PM training in July 2019. In both instances, I found the degree of information sufficient, duration of the training appropriate, and the delivery of the information from a practical perspective. I highly recommend this training and any future training. I plan to pursue at least one more Agile certification and will definitely register for training with “Applied Lean Agile” with Clarence!” — RF

“Clarence was well engaged and you could tell that he loves teaching and sharing this knowledge” — anonymous (SSM 4.6 Class)

“Clarence, this SSM 4.6 class was extremely beneficial. I learned a great deal about Scrum and have a better grasp of Scrum and its application in a SAFe environment. The role-plays made the learnings more impactful. Your teaching method made the class enjoyable and impactful. Thank you.” — A. M.

“Clarence, thank you for working so hard for making the SAFe Scrum Master training so much fun learning experience with real examples and stories. I really enjoyed and learned so much. I wish you all the best. Cheers!” — R. A.

“Thank you for a wonderful training session for SAFe Scrum Master. Clarence, you are very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. You are very professional and an excellent communicator. You incorporated a lot of past experiences that make the materials come to life. Wish you the best.” — J. M. M.

“In Clarence’s class, I learnt the basis of SAFe and provided me the way to build the SAFe Knowledge” — K. M.

“Clarence’s energy really helped carry the course. The examples in the course helped form the ideas presented. He really helped in facilitating the conversation and let each of us build and exchange knowledge. I would take more classes in the future and recommend to my peers. Thanks” — T. J. G.

“The SSM 4.6 was very informative!! Great subject matter; I feel prepared to move forward in my Scrum journey. Thank you… greatly appreciated!!” — M. B.

“I was contemplating whether I go to the CSM class or this SSM 4.6 class…I’m glad I did come to this SSM 4.6 class” — M.

“In the SAFe Scrum Master course, I learned so many different aspects in becoming a Scrum Master. The course was very rewarding and looking forward to taking the skills learned back to my team and moving forward. Thank you Clarence!” — E. M.

“I really liked the fact that Clarence allowed us to learn from each other and his guidance. Hear it from other points of view really helped my understanding.” — anonymous

“Great communication skills. Clarence’s energy was very good. He was very helpful and took the time to answer questions.” — anonymous

“Clarence was amazing the way he setup the class interactive and lively. I had a vague understanding of Scaled Agile before coming to the class. Now I have clarity as to how to apply the Core Values & Principles when actually doing Lean Agile.” — P. S.

“Clarence is very passionate & knowledgeable. A true teacher of the craft. He’s made this class an experience. Thank you.” — M. P.

“Clarence was an absolute need for a great deal of confusion and I am happy to say I am well on my way to a successful experience. I look forward to future opportunities of training” — E. G.

“Clarence was very knowledgeable on the content of the course and was able to use life experiences of himself as well as enabled the participants to apply many of the topics to their professional and personal life so as to better understand the course content.” — Anonymous

“Good listener and motivates others to want to participate without pressure.” — Anonymous

“Great delivery of course content, practical examples used, and was very engaged trainer.” — Anonymous

“I took the SA exam last night after a day of studying. Got 91%! Thanks for conducting a great course.” — H. D.

“The class content was organized, understandable, and easy to follow. Clarence, especially, was knowledgeable and used realistic examples to reinforce understanding. The PI Planning exercise was great! It gave me practical simulation and I could easily follow. The diagrams on the walls were additional reinforcement. Highly recommend this class with The Guru (Clarence)!” — R. F.

“Thank you! In 2 days I feel like we’re all perfectly prepared and equipped to become certified SAs and “rally the troops” around SAFe Agile Transformations. Your energy, illustrations and years of expertise were so inspiring! Hope we can stay in touch lean Guru!” — T. G.

“Awesome! Clarence is a great Agile Trainer. Very knowledgeable, kept us very engaged and was able to breakdown the course into pieces that we could all consume and understand, I would recommend Clarence to my colleagues. Thanks again, Clarence, for making the experience a memorable one” — G. D.

“Great, realistic instruction based on real world examples” — Anonymous

“He’s an expert.” — Anonymous

“Great energy!” — Anonymous

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