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Be Customer Centric Part III

With the customer in mind, what are the things of value — to the customer — that your product or services can offer? Write those down. Example: what are the things that the customer will gain by using your product or services; what are the pains that will be alleviated. According to Napoleon Bonaparte, a man is moved by either fear or self-interest. What moves your customer towards using your product or services? What is that Unique Value Proposition? That value is a customer-centric benefit from which you identify the feature or features — each feature has value — that…
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Be Customer Centric Part II

Who is the user — the customer— that will benefit from the value that your team will deliver? Start visualizing and creating the persona of the user. A persona is a fictitious character — a group of people with similarities that, collectively, the persona represents. Then create a profile of that persona. Use empathy map if it helps. To be continued...
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