Day 134. You need energy to act. Did you know that digestion alone consumed a lot of energy? Be mindful of what you eat and when. Observe and adjust accordingly ... the desired outcome is for you to have great abundance of energy to act. Act to produce results. Results is the name of the game!
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Start now

Day 125. Start now. You don’t have to be good to start; you start to be good! I remember teaching someone how to use something. Gave that person some primer — just enough pointers to get her started or primed (i.e. prime the pump with water... put something (water) in before you get anything out (more water)) to get her to start working and discovering things by herself. Then I asked her to give it a try. A week later, I found out that no ‘try’ has occurred. I asked what was her thought process that led her not to…
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