Acceptance Criteria

Evolve Thy Acceptance Criteria

Day 108. Acceptance Criteria (AC) starts off with a simple line item. Conversations ensue... with the Product Owner and the Agile Team Members. Divergent Thinking happens... where creativity runs high. Analysis phase. Each participant shares their own meaning to the AC... into the ‘pool of meanings’. Convergent Thinking follows... where the shared pool of meaning gets synthesized into a common set of understanding of the AC. A series of divergent and convergent thinking could occur until the desired AC is reached. An evolved AC would contain enough Criteria and AC Tests to pass for Acceptance. Conversation is key. Collaboration is…
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The Power Of Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria not only serve as a way to confirm one's understanding -- via conversations and collaborations with others -- of the work on hand but it also: Can yield additional ideas Can present an argument that breaking down the work on hand into smaller set of work might be better Enable you to better estimate the work on hand
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