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Day 31... A few minutes ago, I’ve just watched the film ‘Snowpiercer’ on Netflix. If you are/were part of an Agile Release Train (ART), then you’ve got to watch this film! If you are/were a Release Train Engineer (RTE), then you’ve got to watch this film specially the last 10 minutes of it... where the protagonist reads the message written on a piece of rolled paper taken off from a capsule... [you’ll read the message when you get to watch this scene, LOL]. I think that you will relate to this film... in a profound way like I did.
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Day 30 Watching RBG... a documentary of the awesome life and accomplishments of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Stream of consciousness writing style ... My family and I have just finished watching it... we all clapped! Wow... what an awesome human being RBG is! She puts highest value on people and equality; and that people and society evolve overtime so should the law. Very Lean Agile.
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Stay-At-Home Order Day 15

Glad to see rolls of toilet paper back in our local store’s shelves today! Bought some this morning. Went to the store with my gloves and mask on, of course; ... and worn my trench coat. Took a bath and changed clothes upon returning home. In the store, glad to see people practicing social distancing and wearing masks and gloves! Had to go to the store today out of necessity. Scary out there; stay at home!
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Stay-At-Home Order Day 10

Cleaning up and sorting out stuff... indoors... listening to my various audible books; try it! You might find that your mind wanders to various places (depending on the content of the book you are currently listening to) whilst your body does the cleaning and sorting... all these ‘activities’ happen at same time! Nothing new and unusual about this experience. We all do this kind of stuff: simultaneously doing something in chunks! This is called chunking! Chunking reduces WIP by putting together small pieces of work together in one and yet still relatively small one collective piece! Driving your car for…
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Customer Centric Desirable Products and Services

Pizzeria Omaggio just exudes quality of food and you can sense a pride of workmanship in their people... their service and product -- their food -- are just pure high quality; the people there are very friendly and welcoming; the ambience is very relaxing. Try it when you are in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Delivering customer centric desirable products and services... is what it is all about... results is the name of the game; we can do the same in the software industry... delivering valuable, feasible, sustainable, customer centric desirable products and services.
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