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Which Way…

‘Which way to steer the train?’ A product management’s dilemma at T-junction It boils down to understanding the customers’/business priority... and the capacity of the delivery teams...before a path is chosen. Design Thinking is a tool to use for understanding: analysis and synthesis happen yielding a clear vision of what it is that is going to be built; what its beneficial features are; and the roadmap of the features... as to when these features will be delivered.
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A SAFe Product Manager is like …

A SAFe Product Manager is like a film director. Both seek out key people to collaborate with... they don't do things alone. Diverging ideas will occur as the 'thing of value' is being fleshed out; and overtime, at some point, the ideas hit a plateau... then these ideas crystallize or go through a process of synthesis... recognizing what they could do and could not do within a given time and resources/capacity... converging into a point of clearer vision with a set of clearer benefit for the customer that in turn form as set of features... these features become part of…
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