SAFe 5.0 Has Two Major Story Types

Day 23... stay at home. Key to success in correctly modeling the agile requirements is the awareness of and knowing what to do with the two major types that a story could exclusively fall under; a story is either one of these two types types. A story could be a ‘User’ type — a story that directly impacts the user. It has, therefore, a user voice. Example: ‘As a driver, I want my car to have a rear view camera so that when I am backing my car out of my driveway I don’t run over anybody’ A story could…
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Did You Know?

Did you know that stories of type 'Enabler' do not have a user voice? Unlike a story of type 'User' -- of which takes the form of 'As a user, I want to... so that ...' -- a story of type 'Enabler' just needs a statement of what it is. ((i.e. 'Research on various sound effects that we could either build or buy') This is true for Feature of type 'Enabler'; Capability of type 'Enabler; Epic of type 'Enabler'.
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There are times that a User Story stumps you... there are unknown areas that needs to be researched... before it can be completed...so what to do? Create an 'Enabler' Story...exploratory enabler to be exact... a 'Spike' is a an example. What did the story say to the enabler? 'You complete me' 😄
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