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A strong “WHY” is very important — the reason why you need to transform; the reason why you need training and mindset change to support your transformation. The reason why you are even here — looking at and reading our website pages!

Retrospective and introspective items like the following might just be the ones driving you to your tipping point; driving you to take that leap to better outcomes — professionally and personally — with Lean Agile done right.

“I want to know and understand Lean Agile so that I can apply it professionally at work and personally at home”

“I want to change career to Lean Agile”

“I want to be more valuable in the marketplace”

Your Lean Agile Transformation Journey Is More Enjoyable And Fun When Shared With Someone

Having the following is paramount: Lean Agile mindset, values, principles and practices; right training partner and right Lean Agile framework.

Transformation is a long journey, and starts with a single step forward towards the right direction. It is a marathon alongside with others (your Agile team or team of Agile teams); it is not a sprint…so, pace yourself and your team(s).

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the emotional work. Lean Agile is a creative, freeing, expressive, innovative and fulfilling endeavor, if done right. Take someone with you who have been on this road and journey before you…don’t do it alone! Journey seems more enjoyable when shared with someone you like, don’t you think?

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment” — Ralph C. Smedley (Toastmasters Founder)

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