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Trainers — From The Back Of The Room

A “Train from the Back of the Room” kind of Trainers. Students actively learning via the 4Cs: Connection, Concept, Concrete Practice, Conclusion. We believe that students learn best when: 1) the trainer talks less so that the students can learn more by giving the room and time to the students for active learning; 2) freely discovering things amongst themselves; 3) connecting and forming ideas using the “language” that they speak and metaphors that they know; 4) exchanging and exploring ideas and concepts; 5) presenting their ideas with concrete examples and practices; 6) making sense to all of it by concluding… wrapping up what has been learned.

SAFe Training and Certification

Lean Agile Guru is in business with Applied Lean Agile LLC , a Silver Partner of Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI — the makers of SAFe). As such, we have unparalleled access to all latest and pre-release information on SAFe. We are at the cutting and leading edge of everything about SAFe. Trust us that we will deliver you the latest knowledge for your training and certification.

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Hands-On Workshops — The Lean Agile Guru Elite Circle Live Sessions!

We offer amazing hands-on workshops. These workshops take you beyond the SAFe Classes and Certifications!

Consulting, Counseling and Mentoring  — The Lean Agile Guru Elite Circle Live Sessions! 

You are the on the hot seat! Bring in your hot topics and challenges! 

Coaching — The Lean Agile Guru Elite Circle Live Sessions!

We will help you create choices and make choice(s)… starting from where you are.. to where you want to be: the achievement of your goal or desired outcome. Live Coaching! Role-play or for real.

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