Transformational Coaching: What Moves a Person to Change. Part V

Have you ever wondered why politicians — when they go campaigning, knocking door to door, strolling along the streets, eating at the local cafeteria, sipping coffee at coffee shops, eating pizzas, ice cream with the locals — act, dress up, eat, talk, think at the wave length like those they are trying to get to vote for them? They are influencing them to move … towards voting for them.

Yup … they are using the concept of ‘Relatedness‘. They are silently screaming: ‘I am just like you…we want and need the same things… I understand you… send your votes my way… let me be of service and of help to you!’

If they come across as genuine, relatedness may work. The voters might say: ‘yes, I can relate to what he is saying … I will vote for him‘.

Transformational coaches can use this ‘Relatedness’ as a tool to coach the coachee; add this to your toolkit.

What can you think of as example of this ‘Relatedness’ toolkit within your context? Responses are most welcome! Let’s have a conversation. Please post a comment.

To be continued.

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