Superstar Is Not Needed

Superstar is not needed; we need the whole team to work together as one unit… not dependent on one person — the superstar — for favorable results/outcomes.

This axiom applies at the upper levels: at program level, large solution level, at portfolio level…and also at the enterprise level. Dependency on a superstar is not good… having a single point of failure is not good.

Even if we have more than one superstar, the saying, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ still applies. There was a time when the USA Dream Team — the men’s basketball team — was defeated… by Lithuania in the 2004 Olympics. Yeah, all were superstars operating individually and not operating as one team.

This also applies to countries.

The late Philippines senator (1967-1972), Benigno Aquino Jr.

When all of us in the enterprise are Lean Agile leaders — operating as one team and exhibiting Lean Agile leadership and mindset… living and breathing Lean Agile Values and Principles… and using these to guide our decisions and practices — we will expedite the cause of Lean Agile transformation not just at the enterprise level but also in all of us in more ways than one, professionally and personally.

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