Transformational Coaching: What Moves a Person to Change. Part VI

Status: Sense of worth. If a person’s sense of worth/status is threatened, that person will negatively respond to the change. Avoidance-response occurs. In contrast, if a person’s sense of worth is perceived to increase, that person will positively respond to the change and move towards it. Approach-response occurs.

Have you ever wondered why your company asks you to self-assess yourself in your 360 degrees performance review? This is to lessen the threat to your self-worth.

During your coaching conversation with your coachee… be aware to not threaten the coachee’s self-worth.

Example: When providing a feedback, you use words like ‘I’ve observed that your daily stand up runs long sometimes … what do you think and feel about using time-boxing? Instead of ‘You should time-box your daily standup!‘.

Permission coaching is also an example. By asking the coachee his/her permission for you to provide some coaching, you are expressing your respect towards the coachee; the coachee’s self-worth potentially increases; definitely not diminished nor threatened… and the coachee becomes more receptive to coaching… and approach-response could occur.

To be continued.

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