Being a Technical Coach. Part V

OKR and CFR … you have heard these before… right?

OKR = Objectives and key results.

CFR = Conversation, Feedback, Recognition.

SAFe has OKRs and CFRs written all over the place but not explicitly called as such … but the spirits of these two live in and alive in SAFe.

So where can we find OKRs and CFRs in SAFe?

How do these two relate to scaling up from teams to program to large solution to Portfolio to the enterprise’s?

As a SAFe technical coach (I am referring to SAFe SPCs) and a business coach, you must be aware of where these are found in SAFe, and how these are used. The same is true if you are kanban and/or scrum technical coach. In this series, the focus is on SAFe.

To be continued.