Purpose, Intent, PI Objectives, Iteration Goals, and Strategy

Everyone has a purpose (an intent of what to accomplish (i.e. ‘CI = Commander’s Intent’ In the military realm) in mind on what to do when they go into PI Planning. But to truly turn activity into achievement, replace your purpose with a clear and focused PI Objectives.

PI Objective, must be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound… made ahead… with guidance of its achievement from the Product Manager or Business Owner.

Use a series of SMART iteration goals as key results / indicators towards the achievement of the Objectives. These are the OKRs — Objectives and Key Results.

A series of Objectives lead to the achievement of the Enterprise’s Strategy.

Start with small wins… adapt goals and objectives to the rate of the team’s pace, capability, and capacity.

You take a similar approach when coaching your teams.

1) replace ‘purpose’ with clear and focused SMART objective… made ahead of the skills practice/activity/drill to be done…with guidance on its mastery

2) teach skills in a sequence of objectives / goals in increasing complexity

3) include objectives that focus on integrating previously mastered skills

4) adapt objectives to the rate of the teams’ mastery

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