Why I Don’t Sweat Writing Sprint Goals

Day 184.

Got to have goals: 1 year goal, 6 months goal, 3 months goal or 2 weeks goal.

This blog post will focus on the ‘2 weeks’ goal — the sprint or iteration goal. Sprint goal is a leading indicator — to check whether you are on track or off track in achieving and advancing your 3 months goal (PI objective ).

Goals will not only push you but will also pull you through difficult times.

Goals must be written and visible.

To me, writing sprint (iteration) goals is super easy!!!

All I have to do is answer this question: ‘What is the ‘end’ or ‘outcome’ that I want achieved in two weeks?’.

That’s it!

No need to specify the ‘means’ to achieve the ‘end’ or desired ‘outcome’. In fact, it is not cool to specify the ‘means’ because you want to have the extreme flexibility on how you will achieve the ‘end’… keep the ‘means’ variable, flexible, loose… so that you can adjust whatever it is you need to do to achieve the ‘end’ or desired ‘outcome’!

Of course… make it a SMART goal! Refer to my earlier blog:


Using the example of me having a three months (12 weeks) long objective of losing 12 pounds… that was my ‘PI Objective’.

I now have to chunk down the ‘PI objective’ into several pieces! Into ‘2 week’ goals … and it will be six ‘2 week’ goals.

I’ll set six ‘2-week (sprint (iteration)) goals’ … and each sprint (iteration) has a goal.

1st ‘2-week’ goal: lose 1 pound

2nd ‘2-week’ goal: lose 2 pounds


Notice that I did not specify in my goal how I will lose the pounds! I did not say ‘I’ll run 1 Mile each day and eat right’. No need! I want to be flexible… no telling what I will discover in my journey that would warrant me to change my ‘means’. So… just let the ‘means’ unmentioned! Focus on the ‘end’ and do everything necessary (the means — whatever that will be) to achieve it.

That’s it! Very easy! No sweat!

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