3 Quick Tips To Writing PI Objectives

Day 183.

For some reason, a LOT of people find writing PI Objectives hard: they struggle… they are unsure… and… after a lot of thought… they manage to write PI Objectives…the wrong way!

They are writing PI (Program Increment) Objectives from the vantage point of “what they are going to do”… which is ABSOLUTLEY and TOTALLY WRONG!!!

Well, if you are one of these strugglers, then you are in luck! Your struggle with “PI Objective Writing” ends today… but… only if/when you chose to apply the following tips:

3 quick tips to writing PI Objectives:

Tip #1) Imagine the desired outcome — the ‘End’ … not the ‘Means’. In three months (the Program Increment’s (PI) length), what is it that you want to achieve? Go write that! Note: imagine also how you will demonstrate the ‘End’ or ‘Outcome’ … three months later… in the ‘PI System Demo’, during the ART’s Inspect and Adapt event!

Tip #2) Make it SMART ! Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time Bound.

Tip #3) if you have multiple PI Objectives, then assign a value to each… a numerical value scale between 1 and 10… 10 being the highest value. This assigned value will act as a way to prioritize these PI Objectives.

Objectives don’t work until you do!

Make it work… by you doing the work! How? Commitment! Commit to achieving these Objectives!!! However, mark all PI Objectives as ‘uncommitted’ if you cannot commit to these… BUT… keep these in your plan… and still do the work on these… same as the “committed” work. NOT… ‘I’ll do these when I have time!’. No! Here is why: you’ve marked these as ‘uncommitted’ so that you will have a way to ‘not be so hard on yourself’ if/when you fail to achieve — despite putting all your best effort to accomplish — these ‘uncommitted’ objectives.

These 3 tips are applicable to personal objectives as well !

Use the following example as an anchor / model to help you write any — I truly mean any — objective.

Example of a three months long personal objective:

Objective: lose 12 pounds in three months! Value = 10


The objective — lose 12 pounds in three months! — is the ‘desired outcome’… the ‘End’… not the ‘Means’! I did not say… ‘I’ll run, swim, jog, and eat less in order for me to lose 12 pounds in three months!’. The ‘means’ is not necessary! Why? I left the ‘means’ unspecified… to allow me to have and to employ extreme flexibility on how to achieve the desired outcome!

Is it Specific? Yes, lose 12 pounds is very specific!

Is it Measurable? Yes, I can measure it… 12 pounds lost!

Is it Achievable? Yes, it is in my power to achieve it! We all have the resources we need… I can be resourceful if need be!

Is it Realistic? Yes, I’ve done similar like this before ! It is NOT a pie in the sky!

Is it Time Bound? Yes, objective achieved in three months… not more than that.

There you have it… nothing much to it… if you apply these 3 quick tips!!!

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