Minimized Burden, Minimized Volatility, Better Planning

Day 68.

Use ‘points’, instead of using ‘hours’ to estimate a work effort. The burden of estimating and tracking work using ‘hours’ or duration is heavier than using points!

Fund the development value stream instead of projects. The burden of funding many projects is heavier than funding one development value stream.

The same is true in life! Examples:

Investing in a basket of Stocks is less volatile than investing in individual Stocks. The sheer size of the basket of stocks smoothens any volatile stock that is in it — you will not feel 100% the effect of the volatility of that stock; the opposite is true if you have just that stock in particular and it becomes volatile — you will feel its volatility 100%! The burden of one particular Stock is heavier than one particular basket of Stocks.

Look back to my previous post ‘Why Use Story Points’. Climbers use Grades to assign complexity of a Pitch; they don’t use ‘hours’ or duration to assign complexity of a pitch. Hours or duration varies wildly from climber to climber or even by just 1 climber! However, the Grade stays the same to every climber! The burden of planning a climb in Duration per Pitch is heavier than planning a climb in Grade per Pitch. Duration does not even makes sense in this case! Case in point: a Grade of 5.15A (a world class level) is so hard that some climbers find themselves completing it in more days than they have thought! The Grade did not change; the duration did change! Grade is stable; hours/duration is volatile.

Minimized burden, minimized volatility, better planning!

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