PI Roadmap

Day 94.

Which one of these two pictures is similar to your PI Roadmap?

This? This contains ‘Features’
Or this? This contains ‘Desired Outcomes’

PI Roadmap contains Committed PI Objectives and Uncommitted PI Objectives. A PI Objective is focused on and written based on the ‘Desired Outcome’ of a Feature, or Aspect of a Feature, or a set of affinity grouped Features. Focus on the outcome when writing PI Objective, not the ‘how’ to achieve the PI Objective. Write the ‘End’, not the ‘Means’.

The latter picture is the better one.

The former picture is not it. Why? PI Objective is, sometimes, not necessarily a one to one correspondent to a Feature. A Feature could have multiple aspects that gets doled out to various teams. A team’s PI Objective will then have to reflect just an aspect of the Feature… not the whole Feature. Hence the latter picture is the better one… it captures this nuance.

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