Be More

Day 200

Sometimes, teams find themselves in a plateau… with their velocity… stuck on same — on average — velocity for a whole year… same team members.

What if 5 years later, they find themselves — same team members — in the same average velocity?

No growth! The team did not become more. Why?

Complacency. They did not stretch. They sat on their laurels. They did not stay ‘hungry’. They have reasons (one can either have reason or result).

Or worst… they probably did not do the best they can.

If you can do 1% more in one year… and you did not do it… and you knew that you could have done it… then you did not do your best!

Do the best you can!

Be more … even if you can only be 1% better per year! Take baby steps to be more.

If you keep doing the best you can…can you imagine what you become in 5 years?

Be more.

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