Fist of Five

fist of fiveYou can do this ‘Fist of Five’ at anytime and anywhere and any occasion (even at the dining table — or before dining to vote on what to eat for dinner–  with your family); not just on the second day of the Program Increment (PI) during the confidence vote regarding the final plan for that PI.

You want to check on where your team members are in their thinking regarding a topic or an issue? Do the fist of five!

You want to learn what the objections are and use that learning to gain consensus strong enough to move forward? Do the fist of five!

dip stickYou just want a vote — dip sticking method just like when u want to gauge the level of to oil oilin your car or lawn mower — and move forward without consensus? Do the fist of five!

A fist means not cool … not going along with the idea.

1 finger — I have concerns let’s talk before supporting the idea.

2 fingers — concerns but let’s go!

3 fingers — support the idea/plan

4 fingers — like the idea/plan

5 fingers — absolutely! Best idea/plan ever!

You may create your own rules / mechanism — remember Shuhari?

round_table_by_pocza-d59fp5yJust remember to create that sense of ‘safe environment’ and ‘mutual respect and influence’… otherwise teammates will withhold or pull back information needed for learning more about the idea. This also promotes collaboration, increased understanding, increased shared and collective consciousness… which leads to Agile teams’ and team of Agile teams’ enhanced ability to work together.

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