Idea approved, now what’s next? Part II

Continuous Exploration (CE) begins!

We enter the Lean-Agile requirements for the SAFe Program.

Let’s start with the vision — the big picture if you will.

Write it down.

In the ‘vision document’ we need to describe and communicate the strategic intent of the program and answer key questions: 1) the ‘why’ — why are we building this product, system, or application? ; 2) the ‘how’ — via which features to build and benefits it will provide to ‘whom?’ … and the system qualities it will have (scalability, reliability, performance, etc.); 3) the ‘what’ — what is the problem that it will solve? This will compel people to buy in to that vision!

Craft the vision like Simon Sinek’s circle… check it out!

To be continued…

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