Project Management Institute (PMI) Paying Attention to Agile

With PMI’s PMBOK (Project Management Book Of Knowledge) version 6, PMI finds itself straddling — favoring — both predictive and adaptive worlds!

This is good — at least for me…I live in both worlds: As a civil engineer (predictive) and as a software engineer (adaptive).

I suspect a lot of people and organizations are too … having a hybrid application of both predictive and adaptive approaches to delivering value to the marketplace.

I am glad that PMI paid attention… for the better! Example, PMI now have a softer approach to project management. For instance, the ‘control’ word has been replaced with ‘monitor’ in a lot of cases but not all. This encourages project managers to be less controlling and directing … instead, be more on monitoring , observing and adjusting… much like agile.

However, not all control has been relinquished; control is still retained in some areas… example: they retained the ‘control cost’ process under the ‘project cost management’ knowledge area.

Overall, PMBOK version 6 is a great step by PMI towards the right direction… in a world where lean-agile is being adopted by a lot of big enterprises … same enterprises that have, earlier, adopted PMI’s PMBOK.

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