The Portals Of Discovery

‘Mistakes are the portals of discovery’ — James Joyce

I’d say: ‘Mistakes, failures and successes are the portals of discovery‘. We learn from these. The product ‘Post-it note‘ is a good example.

‘Failure’ or ‘mistake’ is one of the two big sides of the same ‘learning coin’. A series of failed experiments may lead to discovery. Example: Orville and Wilbur Wright with their series of failed experiments and attempts as they pursued sustained flight.

The other side is called ‘success’. The film ‘Rocky’ went well… its sequels went well. Likewise for the film ‘The Godfather’ and its sequels.

One can learn from mistakes, failures and successes. These are the portals to discovery.

However, the one who dares — the one who is fearless, the one who does not fear of committing mistakes and experiencing failures, the one who will take the shot, the one who will experiment, observe, and adapt — wins.

So… just do it… and keep doing your retrospectives — keep asking: what went well?; what didn’t?; what can be done better? You might just amaze yourself with what you learn and discover.

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