How To Convert, Split, Flesh out a Feature or a Use Case Into Stories, Part II

Approach: put it in scenarios.

Scenarios are interesting Use Case instances.

Scenarios or Instances of Use Cases follow one of the possible sequence of transactions.

A Use Case is a way to use the system, a user’s need.

A Use Case is a sequence of transactions offered by the system, which produces a perceived value to meet the goal of a particular actor.

If Use Cases are used to represent complex interaction, then split it via individual scenarios.

Example feature/Use Case: enroll in the energy savings program of a utility through a retail distributor.

Actors: utility customer ; utility distributor ; utility

Potential Stories:

1) as a retail distributor, I must be able to notify the utility that the utility consumer has the equipment so that …[provide the value]

2) as the utility, I must be able to provision the equipment and data and notify the customer so that …[provide the value]

3) as the utility, I must be able to handle data validation error so that …[provide the value]

To be continued…