Stretch Objective

In SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), there is such a thing as ‘Stretch PI Objective’ that can be set forth by the team during Program Increment. (PI) Planning for work that they are not sure if they can achieve it within that PI. They will plan for it — work is on the plan and will consume capacity — and attempt to achieve it… it is not a matter of ‘Just in case we have time’ kind of thing; nonetheless, the team will not be ‘penalized’ if they cannot achieve the Team PI Stretch Objective.

SAFe can Scale this up to the Program level PI Objectives.

SAFe can scale this down to Iteration Level at the Iteration Goal Stretch Objective.

SAFe can scale this up to the large Solution Level Stretch Objective.

I know some non-SAFe folks will not agree to the aforementioned assertions… hence I prefaced this blog item with ‘In SAFe…’ to contextualize these assertions.

NOTE: Update on 5.0… the makers of SAFE — Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI) — replaced the word ‘Stretch’ to ‘Uncommitted’.

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