Take the SAFe course’s Exam

I still remember when I took my Civil Engineering Licensure Board Exam. This was a long time ago.

It was nerve-wracking to most folks I knew who were also in the same boat: about to take the CE Licensure Board Exam.

The Board Exam quizzes you about things you’ve learned from day 1 at the University to the last day.

So I prepared hard.

And because of that hard prep, I took the exam with cool nerves … high confidence that I will pass… so, was excited actually … I approached taking the Board Exam with anticipation rather than with apprehension. There is an air of uncertainty, but I knew it will unfold in a beautiful way… just not sure how it will unfold.

And I passed … and most importantly: I have learned a lot from the Exam questions … some of the key questions were not straightforward … I had to look at things from a different angle: i.e., how would this piece of information (from the question) fits in the big picture … thus deriving the solution. But, once you piece it all like how you would when you piece together a jigsaw puzzle, you will get it right.

Why this works? It is psychology. You do NOT look at a piece … just solely at a piece … instead, you look at a piece and see how it could fit in the big picture. This is Gestalt Thinking.

The same is true in SAFe:  you take that course exam… it is part  — an important key part — of your journey. The exam is not straightforward … you will see questions asked from a different angle… angle that you’ve never seen before… so, you will have to dig deep into your arsenal of knowledge and experience…  and think hard … the Exam questions, to solve it,  sometimes,  is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

So, take that exam … it is an essential piece of the puzzle … of  the big picture… called growth!

Good Luck!

By Clarence Galapon

CE, MBA, Lean Agile Coach, Trainer, Teacher, SPC, RTE, PSM, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMP, CC, ABNLP NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer, Practical Psychologist, Life Coach, Software Executive, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, and Innovator with a Creative, Lean, Agile, and Wander mindset. https://LeanAgileGuru.com

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