SAFe 5.0 Has Two Major Story Types

Day 23… stay at home.

Key to success in correctly modeling the agile requirements is the awareness of and knowing what to do with the two major types that a story could exclusively fall under; a story is either one of these two types types.

A story could be a ‘User’ type — a story that directly impacts the user. It has, therefore, a user voice. Example: ‘As a driver, I want my car to have a rear view camera so that when I am backing my car out of my driveway I don’t run over anybody’

A story could be an ‘Enabler’ type — a story that does NOT directly impact the user. Therefore, it does not have a user voice. Example: ‘research which rear view camera to use so that we know which camera to use for the car’. This is a spike — an exploration type of an enabler. More on different types of enablers in future blogs.

An enabler story helps the user story deliver the value to the user… it is part of the necessary steps to deliver the value. The ‘steps to value’ (this is what this value chain is commonly called) could be comprised of one or more user stories and one or more enabler stories linked together to deliver — collectively — the value.

To be continued…

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