Idea approved, now what’s next? Part V

Prioritize and sequence the features! First things first… make sure you are always working on the most important thing at the right time and sequence all the time!

How to prioritize? Always take an economic view — Principle #1… if you ignore everything else, do not ignore cost of delay! A mathematical way of prioritizing with economics — cost of delay — in mind, is via WSJF — weighted shortest job first! See more on WSJF and prioritization from previous blog entry … click here. Once you have the features prioritized and sequenced, take the top ten or so features for refinement… and get these ready for PI planning… for the Continuous Integration (CI) … the second element of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) … wherein features are broken down into stories of value; thinly and vertically sliced stories wherein these can be designed, built, and tested in one iteration (click the link for previous blog entry discussing ‘thinly and vertically sliced stories).

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