The Power of Pull

An idea pushed to people is less successful in terms of its appreciation compared to an idea pulled in by the people. Example: a speaker who is simply dumping information to the audience is less successful compared to a speaker who is stirring the audiences’ curiosity…

the audience continuously pulling in information…they are drawn-in to what is being revealed to them — an idea — one piece at a time, and in the right sequence. Don’t push in your idea, let your idea be pulled in by invoking curiosity. An audience must be curious enough and ready to entertain your idea.

Kanban and Scrum are “Pull” systems. When workers are ready to pull in work from the backlog, they’ll do so. The highest priority work item — yes, the right sequence of work is important — gets pulled in.

Pushing in work to workers is not a good does not work…this leads to chaos and bottlenecks.

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