SAFe 4.6 has a new SPC

“Huh?”, you might say. Yes, that is the SAFe Portfolio Canvas!

SAFe Portfolio Canvas

It is SAFe’s take / revision of the popular and classic Business Model Canvas (BMC).

Classic Business Model Canvas (BMC)

SAFe is Value Stream centric… it makes sense for them (scaled agile — makers of SAFe) to make the classic BMC into a Value Stream centric version… and SAFe centric… it mentions SAFe events like PI Planning as key activities… and key partners (Product Managers, Product Owners, etc.) are also mentioned…and many more SAFe stuff… see first picture.

I love the classic BMC! I’ve used it extensively. It is interesting to see how widely this SAFe Portfolio Canvas (SPC) will be used by businesses.

If your enterprise have already embraced Value Stream mindset, this SAFe Portfolio Canvas is a no brainer …it makes common sense and feels natural to use it!

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