Be Aware of Limiting Beliefs. Part III

The piece of data that you take in … you put meaning to it and start putting extra pieces to it… adding ‘legs’ to support that meaning, like: experiential data related to it, personal biases, culture, and assumptions. You start drawing conclusions and start adopting it as one of your beliefs … a belief that you start using as a guide when taking action. This process goes in a loop as data is acquired.

Everyone of us got this process in our DNA…nothing wrong with it… until that belief — as you become aware of it — is a limiting factor to your growth, happiness, wealth, potential… etc.

What to do if a belief is a limiting belief?

Try knocking down the legs that are supporting it. Challenge these ‘legs’… one leg at a time. Assumptions you put forth could be incorrect; personal biases could be clouding the meaning of the data… and so forth.

As a coach, helping the coachee to be aware of — or even helping to discover — his/her own limiting belief is important… you are helping the coachee to see the barrier that is limiting his/her vision, opportunities and what not… and you can then explore together the possible ways on how to knock down the legs that are supporting his / her own current limiting belief.

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