Being a Technical Coach

Yes, there is such a thing as technical coach… and not solely a transformational coach. There is also a business coach — if you are curious as to what else is out there…many more types of coaches of course; but we will stick with these three types of coaches.

One person can be all of these three types of coaches; or be a specialist to one type.

The context of this series is about ‘Lean-Agile’. Just setting the stage/boundary… for better focus and clarity.

It is not all about mindset shift … one should also be superior in technical matters… otherwise successful execution is compromised. Teams should be in super-conditioned state ready for peak performance and ready to improve…everyday!

That’s where the Technical Coach comes in: creating high-performing teams with great technical agility … AND, not just for the sake of having high-performing and great agility teams…but also looking for the teams’ achievement of objectives and key results (OKR) — the Business Value (the key result) as evidence to the achievement of the objective.

To be continued.

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