Stay Hungry!

I love to learn. I’m always hungry for knowledge.

I buy books of similar theme. One day someone asked me: “Why buy books of the same theme? Is one book — from these same-themed books — not enough?” I replied: “If I’ve learned something new — even from just a one-liner that is unique from one of those same-themed books — then that book was worth it.”

That’s how hungry I am. And I go further…I teach what I’ve learned.

I have taught a lot of subjects — Chess, Photography, Civil Engineering, Psychology, Cooking, Agile, Lean, Marketing, Business, Computer Programming, etc — to a lot of people. And what I have observed is this: there is one thing — perhaps the only thing — that separates successful students from the unsuccessful ones…

steve jobsThe successful ones are Hungry! They’ve  got an appetite for [fill up this blank]. They say, “Teach me!”

The unsuccessful ones have their arms crossed; their minds closed; they are restless; they need to be sold before they can be taught. They are NOT hungry enough!

Call to action: starting now, and every moment of every day… you, your team, your team of Agile teams, your team of team of Agile teams: STAY HUNGRY! — always be curious to learn more and achieve more.

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