Nothing to Demo?

Nothing to demo at the end of the Sprint? Was there a story of value that was created in your Sprint?

If yes, then go demo that!

If not, then you might just be blowing smoke (i.e. you are claiming that you are working and completing stories of demonstrable value but there is no evidence (a demo) to support that claim!) Might be that your stories were actually tasks… a symptom that you were unsuccessful in shifting your mindset from thinking in terms of task (Work Breakdown Schedule of tasks) to thinking in terms of value (Roadmap of values)!

Or…you might just be busy working on a horizontally sliced story? Horizontally sliced stories are not demonstrable by itself… example is a “component” piece (a story worked on by the component team) that is to be consumed by vertically sliced stories.


Or…is it possible that you are NOT effective in vertically slicing your stories? Vertically slicing a story is an art — you have to be creative, strategic, and tactical! Read my earlier post (Thin,Vertical Slices — the Key to Success! ).

story-vertical-slices Message: Every vertical slice — however small it is (part of a bigger slice) —  is demonstrable.

Let us know what you think! Your feedback is much valued. Thank you.

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