What Moves …

What moves a person? Knowing what moves a person could help one’s cause. Napoleon knew it.

Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self-interest” — Napoleon Bonaparte

SAFe Principle #8 is a “self-interest” lever: Unlock the intrinsic motivation knowledge workers.

Self-interest/intrinsic motivation such as: 1) the pursuit of mastery; 2) having autonomy; 3) a sense of purpose.

What moves your team? Is there a pursuit of mastery (I.e. becoming a high-performing team)? Do they have the autonomy or freedom to speak their truth? do they have a sense of purpose — a goal to achieve towards a greater goal?

Napoleon Bonaparte, ever the mover of men, inspires his Army before leading them to battle

Do you inspire and lead your team? Napoleon inspired and lead his Army.

Are you a mover of men? Ponder upon the following:

SCARF and the two levers:

If a person’s Status is threatened, feels no Certainty, no Autonomy, cannot Relate, there is no Fairness… then he/she moves backward. This is the lever of fear.

On the other hand, if a person’s Status is enhanced/elevated, feels some degree of Certainty, there is Autonomy, can Relate, there is Fairness… then he/she moves forward. This is the lever of self-interest.