What Would You Rather Have: an A+ … or The Opportunity to Learn?

The industrial age gave rise to efficiency; standardization; the insane pursuit of perfection (six sigma’s famous 3.4 defect parts per million (PPM). Gave rise to compliant workers mindlessly producing, everyday, what they were instructed to do…doing an A+ work.

It is similar to rote learning — the memorization of information based on repetition; doing things over and over again without really and truly learning and understanding the subject on hand… mindlessly getting an A+ grade.

Steve Jobs

What if you stop being a compliant worker; stop following orders? What if you do the opposite: become self-driven…become hungry and foolish… be free to realize your full potential? Steve Jobs said it best in his inspiring speech: “…stay hungry; stay foolish“. Create something; innovate with passion; be yourself and speak your truth!

What if you stop learning by rote? And start to truly learn something; derive that formula instead of memorizing it — be a mathematician instead of an arithmetician.

What would you rather have: the straight-jacket A+ … or the freedom to innovate, to learn, to be foolish?

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