We have a parish priest that is very good in terms of his delivery of the gospel.

He starts with a story… a very relatable one… meaning, a story in current times and not from 2000 or so years ago. He gets my attention all the time. I surmise the same is true with the majority of the mass attendees. The previous Sunday he talked about his mom (Mother’s Day Sunday)… everyone got mom… very relatable topic… his story resounded; and then he injected the essence of the gospel; people connected the gospel’s message to their own context and experiences… they got it. Very effective delivery!

This approach is brain-friendly.

Pure dumping of facts would be the opposite… boring… hard to relate to… not brain-friendly.

If you can provide a way, a story for example, that helps the trainee establish a connection (in their own way and context) to the material that is being learned… then you are 25% better as a trainer.

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