I Learn More When…

I write or doodle or sketch about something rather than reading about it.

I show and tell about something rather than listening about it. Teach back… have a discussion about something with others.

I move around — do something — rather than sit still… and bored. Make me post a note on the board … force me to move away from my seat!

I see images rather than words. A picture is worth a thousand word. I get the idea quicker with a picture or a metaphor.

I absorb ideas delivered in 8 minutes or less! Just like those talks on TED Talks. Short is better than long delivery of information.

I see, hear or experience something different; ‘different’ makes me pay attention… albeit only for a few minutes. Same old same old is boring and monotonous… change of pace, feeling, sitting arrangement, venue, topic, music, etc — any change — is good and refreshing… re-engages my senses and I see things in a different light, perspective, mood, aura, etc.

How about you? How do you learn more?

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