‘One of the important ways American Indians have maintained the health of their communities is through ceremonies.’ — from a poster (see figure-1 below) at the national museum of the American Indian

figure – 1: Poster from the National Museum of the American Indian

After reading that poster, I wanted to know more about the American Indians… so we did … my family and I spent a major part of our Sunday afternoon of June 9th inside the National Museum of the American Indians (located at Washington DC). We’re glad we did. What an amazing race and culture!

I was so impressed … and reflecting my greatest respect for the American Indians… that I had to borrow that poster’s spirit and write similar like it for Agile… like so:

‘One of the important ways Agile Teams and Team of Agile Teams have maintained the health of their Agile Communities is through ceremonies. Ceremonies like the Daily Scrum (the Daily Standup (DSU) kicks off the day); the Sprint Planning (for the Sprint Backlog); the Sprint Review (review on how the Sprint went.. and the demo of the working software which is the Sprint’s resulting Product Increment); the Sprint Retrospective (team reflects on itself for continuous improvement)… add to these ceremonies the continuous effort of Product Backlog Refinement (for grooming –constant reprioritization and putting flesh on the bones of– the product backlog)… all these ceremonies and continuous efforts are important ways of safeguarding individuals and Agile communities from dysfunction, disharmony and breakdown.’

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