A Long Time Ago, Part IV

As we develop the software , we will run into issues … we add these issues to our ‘to do list’…preferably to the current sprint (add to the sprint backlog).

To see where everyone is, we will have informal meetings to tell each other what we are working on, what issues we have and what we will be working on next; in Scrum we call these meetings ‘Daily Scrums’ … in SAFe, Daily Standup ( DSU).

As we implement features, we will show how the working software increment look; in Scrum, we call this the Sprint Review Meeting… in SAFe, this is called ‘Iteration Review’.

We Incrementally and iteratively build the software using empirical management — every work (including risks and dependencies) is transparent… we inspect our work … and adapt to the current situation; we adaptively plan and do the work of highest priority.

This is the most natural, simple, and common sense way to manage a software project. For some reason, somewhere along the line, people forgot this basic and instinctive way of managing software projects.

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