Fog of Uncertainty

This year, my family and I had encountered several heavy storms whilst in the car driving on a highway… visibility was extremely poor … 25 feet was all that we can see…

… there was a ‘fog of uncertainty’… however, it helped that we’ve always had a general sense of the environment, the terrain, and direction that we were heading.

I surmise that if we could see 25 feet, then we could move forward …we could drive for 25 feet more … we could then see the next 25 feet… and so on… whilst constantly assessing the situation every second we move forward… always ready to adapt to any situation.

Can you relate that ‘foggy’ situation to your Lean Agile experiences?

Big idea: start with what you know… with what you have… right now…and move forward; if you can only ‘see’ a few steps ahead, good enough… you take that first step forward; if you can only build a piece of a working software 30 days at a time, then so be it. Just do it!

Keep forging ahead… 30 days at a time … just like us (my family and I) when we were driving in a ‘fog of uncertainty’ … we kept forging ahead to our goal / destination 25 feet at a time.

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