The Four ‘If’s that Make Lean Agile Worthwhile, Part V

4: If you care…

If you care about the outcome… the key results… the goal… the objective.

To care is to be attentive… inattention to results is one of the five dysfunctions of a team.

If you care about your teammates… be there to offer help in moving forward the team’s iteration/sprint goal.

If you care about the enterprise… ask what you can do for the enterprise.

If you care about you… self improvement is the best gift that you can offer to your family, to your friends, to your teammates, to the enterprise, to the society. Imagine what a better ‘you’ can bring to everyone… you can do more… you can help more… you can produce more value…

If you care enough to leave people and things better than you found them…

To recap: If you Learn, if you Try, if you Stay, and if you Care… these four ‘Ifs’ make Lean Agile worthwhile.

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