Kanban and the various Classes of Service (CoS)

Two establishments that I have seen and exploited their four Classes of Service (CoS) are: car shops, and fast food restaurants with drive throughs.

Classes of service are:

  • Expedited … these are the ‘Urgent and Important’ things … the cost of delay is high!
  • Fixed date … these are the ‘important but not urgent’… but will be urgent soon
  • Standard… these are the ‘First In First Out’ (FIFO)
  • Intangible… not important and not urgent … for now.

At a car shop, you may wait for your car (they sort of work it in and expedite it for you); you may drop it off and pick it up on a certain date; you may be prescribed a standard level of service and completion (FIFO); or drop it off and pick it up whenever.

At a fast food restaurant … I’ve noticed that you receive your order faster via their drive throughs… I surmise that they hate seeing long queue of cars…so they expedite orders taken via their drive throughs?

Both of these establishments use Kanban and the four CoS to manage and classify the work coming their way… which includes chores like cleaning up their shops!

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