Low Quality is Expensive

A month ago, we’ve purchased three whole toilet bowl systems from a major hardware store; we paid $150 for each of the three to be installed. That’s $450 just to install three toilet Bowls; I guess it is a huge effort to do so.

They’ve sent one person to deliver and install these.

During the installation, the installer informed us that the third toilet bowl is defective… the flush system is broken; I had to drive to the hardware store to get a replacement. Not cool. I’ve just spent time and extra money to get this installed.

A month later the flush system of one of the toilets broke down… due to shoddy work by the installer I reckon… or just the low quality of the flush system… not sure.

They’ve sent two people to fix it.

Had the toilet systems been made with high quality in mind … and the person who was installing it put in quality work … this whole drama could have been avoided.

Low quality is expensive… to everyone who is impacted by it! Always build-in quality into your work or product… you’ll be more proud for it… and you’ll delight your customers!

Built-in quality‘ is one of the four core values of SAFe.

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