SAFe 5.0

Specialized Agile Teams of all kinds coming up!

  • Agile Finance Team
  • Agile Compliance Team
  • Agile Marketing Team
  • Agile Human Resources (HR) Team
  • Agile … Team

Specialized agile teams may be:

  • Stand-alone agile teams
  • Part of an ART
  • broken down and be part of other agile teams

Each of these teams has to specialize the agile principles and practices to suit or fit the nature of their work.

Example: What does an Agile Marketing Team look like? It is an Agile team that has 5 to 11 members… with product owner and a scrum master already included in the count — all Agile Team members collaborating together to deliver value. The agile team can use Scrum, Kanban, ScrumXP, ScrumBan… however the agile team wants to operate as… as they see fit.

The notion of a ‘Dev Team’ (as in SAFe 4.6 — has 3 to 9 members) is gone in SAFe 4.6! There is just an Agile team that is comprised of 5 to 11 technical and business people collaborating, scrum master and product owner already in the count, to deliver value; still has the specialty role of scrum master and product owner in each Agile Team.

Message: one agile team with technical and business people as members — all in collaboration, ‘swimming or sinking’ together, to specify, design, develop, test, potentially deploy and deliver value.

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